Ageism and Adultism
Topics: Ageism, Old age, Gerontology, Youth, Middle age, Ageing / Pages: 3 (799 words) / Published: Jul 6th, 2015

Ageism and Adultism
Lisa Nerenbergr
Aliyah Dunn-Salahuddin
Carl V. Robinson
March 21, 2015
Many Youth and Seniors are Viewed for Many Jobs in a Negative Manner, because of their Age With though doubt, many jobs are isolated from many citizens in developed countries, solely due to their age and only for this factor. A person’s age is not an accurate evaluation in determining their ability to perform certain duties, in many positions. Yet, many young people are also overlooked for many jobs, because their pre-frontal lobe is through to be under- developed for critical thinking in many jobs. This is a form of Adultism. Yet, when a person is older, they are thought to be slower mentally. For these reasons, I am going to look at Ageism first. Consequently, people are living longer, in better health, more mentally alert, and more physically mobile than they were in the past decades. Nevertheless, younger employees view seniors as having obsolete skills in this digital age, and lacking the ability to learn new skills. In addition, many employees view it as being economically costly to train older works, because of their estimated length of useful employment. Therefore, many seniors or over looked for many jobs because of their age. Furthermore, age is a factor in the employment of people in many fields such as the military, the police department, and construction. Also, culture has a lot to do with how people are viewed in different societies. Consequently, a good example of Ageism and Adultism is the military, which will only enlist people of certain age groups. As a result, the military practice both Ageism and Adultism. Therefore, Ageism and Adultism is a form of discrimination that affects both the young and the old. On the subject of Ageism, YouTube has many clips about this subject. The one I watched was titled the “Ageism Project” on YouTube. This clip shows how the elderly are targeted with financial swindles more than young people, because

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