Topics: Advertising, Public relations, Tobacco advertising Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: April 17, 2015
Boiko U.
O.G. Bratanich, research supervisor
Kriviy Rih Economic Institute of National
Vadim Hetman Economic University of Kyiv
Advertising is one of many ways in which manufacturers persuade customers to buy their products. In today’s world, if you can be constantly telling people why they should choose your brand, rather than another one, they’re going to remember that.

In a competitive society advertisements are a necessity. The advertisement of the goods is meant to attract a wide variety of customers to buy them. The production of goods without quick sale is to no purpose.

We have different kind of advertisement to promote sales. Advertisement gives information about new products, about health and safety is called informative advertisement.
The kind of advertisement that persuades peoples to buy thing is called persuasive advertisement. Persuasive advertisement is directed to consumers who do not need to buy products very much. However, through effective advertisement they are brought round to buy them. Then there is deceptive advertisement. Deceptive advertising makes peoples believe products or goods to better then they are. When persuasive advertising becomes deceptive, the results are often negative. We look at the innumerable posters, notices, small boards and hoardings, huge boards on the outside of buildings and banners for advertisement at road crossings and street corners or in busy public places. At night the advertisement are well lit, and they seems to add glamour to the areas around. However, the large hoardings or billboards with pictures and slogans only block the view of natural scenery and restrict openness.

Advertisement is something of a necessity in the modern world of competition and conflicts. Firstly, they introduce the new products to the general public; for example, the public comes to know readily of some new medicines for diseases, effective techniques of constructing...
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