English Wine Week Marketing Plan

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Build Your Online Marketing Plan
http://www.gstatic.com/ads/learn/en/buildyouronlinemarketingplan.pdf Vision
Write down your vision of success.
My business will be:
Marketing Goal
What would you like to achieve by marketing your business online? You may have many marketing goals, but start with your most important one. Be as specific as you can. My marketing goal is to:
Pick the product or service you want to promote to help you achieve your marketing goal. It should either be your best seller or an offering that is popular with different customer groups.
Now list 2-3 different types of customers that may be interested in your chosen product or service and what aspects of your offering they may like.
1. like my offering because 2. like my offering because
3. like my offering because
Running a successful business takes vision and a plan. And the same goes for successfully promoting that business online. Use this worksheet as a roadmap to build an online marketing plan that helps your business grow.

Example: Sign up 200 new local customers for a free consultation by August. Example for custom floral arrangements:
Busy people like my offering because flowers are a fast and easy gift choice. Couples like my offering because bouquets say I love you, I’m sorry and everything in between. .
Marketing Strategy
Achieve your marketing goal by selecting the best ways to market your product or service to the people who are interested in it. Good marketing plans include multiple ways to reach customers, but for now pick one that has the payoff you want and a time and resources commitment you can handle.

Local listings
Payoff: Reach customers in your area and drive local sales
Commitment: One-time setup with weekly to monthly updates
Example: Claim your Google Places page
Online ads
Payoff: Get your products and services in front of people...
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