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Kristy Cook
Quiz 2
April 18, 2013
Marketing Sales and Channel Management MK 4200

Q. What are the three main methods of closing demand-side gaps? Three main methods of closing demand-side gaps exist: (1) expanding or retracting the level of service outputs provided to the target market; (2) offering multiple, tiered service output levels to appeal to different segments; and (3) altering the list of segments targeted. To close the gap we can use the first method of expanding the level of service output provided. If we provide the customers spatial convenience and customer service output demand than it helps to build the good relationship among the customers. Because due to expanding in this level of service output the customer focus will be less on the variety service output. Offering multiples, the second method is used to give the customer’s different levels of service output demand so that the satisfaction of the customer can be achieved. If one time the customer is satisfy with the product than there is long-lasting relationship between customer and supplier. Lastly, altering the list of segments targeted, you can perhaps sell just one product to a specific targeted segment. For example, An ice- cream shop sells only vegan ice-cream (no animal butter, cream etc.) I am more than convinced that a person who eats regular ice-cream will probably buy from the ice-cream shop, but the person who doesn’t eat regular ice-cream will never buy from a place like UDF.
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