Advantages Of Intranet Over Internet
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Topic: Advantages of intranet over internet in a workplace.

The age of information technology owes everything to the development of computer networking. The first operational computer network was created for the United States Department of Defense and was known as 'Advanced Research Projects Agency Network’ (ARPANET). Since then, networking technology and architecture evolved in complexity and sophistication, to provide us with the internet. As internet is open to all, In order to make document sharing within organizations more secure, an intranet is created.

An intranet is a private computer network that allows access only to authorized users within an organization. Often safeguarded with user IDs and passwords, intranets are used by companies to deposit global documents and other resources of internal use. Intranet is very similar to Internet, but the difference is that an intranet is local, while Internet is global. In other words, an intranet (a secure information-sharing system) uses data stored on an internal corporate network, while the Internet uses data stored on the servers all around the world. One main difference between internet and intranet is users of an intranet can get on the Internet, but due to protection measures like computer firewalls, global Internet users cannot get onto an intranet unless they have access to it.

Intranet Basics:
An intranet implements many technologies known from the Internet, such as file transfer protocols, chat rooms, browser interfaces, and many others. Furthermore, not all users have access to all the data stored on a central server; this depends on the privileges and rank of each employee within the organization. It's also relevant that many organizations have a number of computers and routers already implemented. Therefore, an intranet can be considered as an extension to a network infrastructure that already exists within the organization.

Advantages of an Intranet:
There are numerous benefits

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