Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes

Topics: Ethernet, Marketing, Sales, Wireless network, Customer service, Cost / Pages: 5 (1119 words) / Published: Jul 21st, 2011
Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes
Susan St. Ama
July 17, 2011
Jennifer Gilmore

Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes
Dirt Bikes’ management has expressed a concern about the amount of money spent on communicating with people inside and outside the company, and on obtaining information about developments in the motorcycle industry and the global economy. Dirt Bikes would like to know how internet tools and technology could be used to help their employees communicate and obtain information more accurately and efficiently. Dirt Bikes departments include marketing and sales, human resources, and manufacturing and production.
Since Dirt Bikes already has computer capabilities and internet access, my recommendations to reduce the communication costs, and providing a more efficient means to obtain information is to install a local area network (LAN) that would connect all of the company’s computer and allow access to one centralized computer. This computer would house an intranet, extranet, and wireless accessibility.
An intranet, an internal communications and coordination website would provide the internal communication tools Dirt Bikes is seeking and reduce the amount of time spent on interoffice communication. The main benefits of an intranet include; better internal communications-corporate information can be shared centrally and accessed at any time; sharing of resources and best practices-a virtual community can be created that would provide an easy portal in which to share and collaborate ideas and information; reduction of paperwork-forms can be accessed and completed online and forwarded to the appropriate department without having to be printed out but still providing an audit trail, and improved customer service-staff will have better access to accurate and constituent information leading to better customer service.
An intranet system would benefit the human resources department in reducing department costs by streamlining routine tasks and inquiries


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