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In today’s environment, businesses are required to ensure that their technology remains up to date to attain professional achievements. The tools utilized are intricate in the success and profitability of any corporation in order to sustain longevity. Expenses on communication needs should be thoroughly reviewed after it is determined that the benefits outweigh the costs involved, or that the technology will not be outdated when the time to recoup the amount has been met. Internet tools and technology can be used to help Dirt Bikes’ employees to become more efficient. This report is focused on how best to structure communication needs for the company.
Use of a private extension of the internet and confining it to an organization is called an intranet. If the corporation was to build a companywide intranet, all aspects of the business would quickly be able to securely share any part of the organization’s information with one another. A huge benefit with an intranet is the cost-effective feature which is comprised from the utilizing a paperless environment. For example, a company can publish most of the company documents through the intranet Web pages. This saves the company money on printing documents and distributing information, duplication efforts, and documentation maintenance. Another efficient intranet communication is the use of “forms” on the intranet Web pages, such as forms for human resource needs. Payroll documents, expense report requests, and an FAQ section in regards to benefits can be posted for easy access by employees. Manufacturing and Production can also utilize an intranet to convey increased levels of products to sales and marketing so that those departments are aware of trying to move items in anticipation of new stock. Managing projects in a distributed workgroup and virtual team working ensures sharing corporate knowledge and support throughout the company. An intranet is a huge

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