Bus 210 Week 8 Appendix E

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Appendix E

Hardware/Software Components

In your own words, describe the following hardware/software components

Legacy systems| A computer system that is old, but that is still used after a new system has been installed because the company has invested time and money into it.| Mainframe computers| A large system, originally called a “mainframe” because the first was the size of a two-story building, that is the overall processing core of information for large businesses and corporations.| Microprocessors| A central processing unit many times less powerful than a mainframe at the time of inception (1970’s), but today can be related to a microchip capable of processing whatever information the user inputs.| PCs| Also known as “Personal Computers”, it is a kit comprised of various components that, when properly assembled, creates a stand-alone processing system.| Network computers| With PC’s entering into the home and workplace, a network was created as a way of linking various PC’s together and to a server.| World Wide Web and Internet| It is the external form of networking. The World Wide Web and Internet allow PC users to interface and interact without being part of any certain network or group.| Wired and wireless broadband technology| A type of “information highway” that allows for a huge amount of information to travel and pass through a network from the World Wide Web and Internet to a user requesting the information.| PC software| Microsoft Windows operating system is estimated to be installed in 90% of all computers. Since Windows is the standard software, writers write software that will be compatible with Windows. | Networking software| Allows companies to share information with each. Oracle, the second largest software maker, is a company that creates software that is compatible with the largest software maker Microsoft Windows. Linxus controls 20% of the software market and it then closet...
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