M150a Review Questions

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M150a Review questions
Unit ( 1 – 2 – 3 – 6 )

Unit 1
Q1 : Define the following terms :
Persona : A " picture " of someone created by various collections of data about him\ her.  Information : An item of knowledge that is generated by linking together items of data to answer question of interest. Perceptual data: The most primitive form of data that we can perceive with our senses. Sign (or symbol): Something that conveys some information by means other than direct representation. Internet : Refers to the physical interconnection of large numbers of data communications networks to form a huge , publicly accessible " network of networks " . Web : The collection of linked data stored on the internet which is accessed using a browser and it is one of many services that run on the internet. Search engine : A computer application that facilitates finding information on a particular topic on the web . (For example: Yahoo & Google). Gateway: A website intended to direct users to other preselected website containing information on particular topic.( Advantage : instead of searching the whole of the web for information , a gateway provides a very focused means of getting information). Database server : A computer that responds to the requests from other computers . and it task is finding and extracting data from a database.

Distributed system: A system consists of separate computers that exchange data and information across a network to produce results for a user.

Q2 : Signs can be of many types . state three of them with an example of each . a)     Audible (e.g. beep and tones used as warnings).
b)    Visual (e.g. road signs).
c)     Tactile (e.g. Braille system).
Q3: Remote sensing satellites have been examining the earth in two ways. Mention them. a)    Using the spectrum of light visible to our eyes , in addition to infrared and ultraviolet radiation. b)    Using temperature ( false color technique ) .

Q4: computers are tools for finding . Explain this with examples. Computers can be used to find things and information .
a)     To find things in the sense of locating them geographically , ether by : -  Generating Maps that can be used for navigation.
- Locating something or someone with reference to a map ( GPS ).  
b)    To find information on WWW using a search engine.
Q5: What are the steps involved when a search engine is used ? First : Keywords of the user transmitted over the internet to special computer ( Web server ) which searches its index of websites computer these keywords with a series of keywords which can be found in the websites , titles, addresses. Second : Web server retrieves references to those websites that contain the required keywords and send them to the user browser. Third : The browser then displays these references to the user.  

Q6 : Mention three main categories of web –based selling companies and state which one of them is the most successful financially one and why ? a)     Existing catalogue sales companies which have put their catalogues online to allow customers to by using the web. b)    Existing companies whose products are largely information. c)     Companies which have started from scratch using the web as their only sales medium.

Q7 : what are advices can you give for people who make online shopping ? a)     Deal only with reputable and known web sellers.
b)    Make sure that the sites you want to buy from are connected to secure web server . this is indicated by : - The address shown in the bar start with " https " .
- An icon representing a small key is present.

Unit 2

Q1 : Define the following terms :
Netiquette: is a collection of guideline setting out appropriate email and internet behavior. Supercomputers: are very large , fast , have more than one processor and very expensive computer. Super cluster computer: Are collection of computers , they are linked by very fast connections that allow the computers to...
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