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By smbroad03 Apr 15, 2013 1206 Words
There are some people who graduate from high school and go directly to work, and there are others who go directly to college after high school. Jack was one of many people that went directly to work after high school. He felt like going to school was a waste of time. After working in the factory for four years he was promoted to a manager. Jack felt like he was on top of the world. Ten years after being promoted, he learned that the factory was about to close down. Now Jack was about to lose everything… his job, his house, and his car. What would he to do now. Jack is not the only person to have lost his job. Many people every day lose their job and have no idea what to do next. They may lose their job due to the business closing down because of bankruptcy, or because the job is relocating overseas. There are also some people who simply just want a change of employment as well as career path.

There are many of people going to college for their own personal reasons. They may have been fired, laid off, or just wanted to do something other than what they were already doing career wise. Adults who receive more life experience before going to college are known as adult learners. Most adult learners find it hard to adjust to college classes, after having been in the working environment! Kenner and Weinerman explains that working before college may affect a student’s critical foundations. While dealing with adult learners, an instructor may have a harder time planning assignments for adult learners. The college instructor may need to receive knowledge about their adult learning students’ background to understand how to assign their assignment. Also by knowing the background of the adult learner, the instructor can better know which persons might need extra help and which students may not. People can have fun while learning. Some people can learn different and new things about life through skills learned, as well as used when playing video games. It had been shown that people have learned just by playing games. Learning from playing video games can increase a person actives and engagement. “One of the advantages of using certain types of computer game in education is their ability, for many learners, to engender engagement and motivation, which contributes to effective learning.

Adult Learning
Kenner’s and Weinerman’s report says organizational development is necessary to help an employee gain more knowledge in their job field. They both say that Knowles discussed the four different stages of adult learning. The four stages are: •A. self directed, taking responsibility for their own actions, and resisting having information arbitrarily imposed on them. •B. an extensive depth of experience, which serves as a critical component in the foundation of their self identity. •C. being ready to learn. As most adult learners return to college voluntarily, they are likely to actively engage in the learning process. •D. being task motivated. Adult students returning to college attend for a specific goal and the primary component of their motivational drive tends to be internal” (Knowles, 1984). The veterans have it harder than other adult learners. Veterans who may have been in active duty during war time have seen more things than the average person has seen. Most veterans can’t separate the difference from military life, school life, and life in general, after they’ve been in active duty in the military.

Tacit theory, informal theory, and formal theory, are three of the ways that a person can design their own learning, stated by Schraw and Moshman (1995). The in classroom studies is a form of tacit and in formal theory. As of formal theory, the method of study is very hardly use of study, from the article of Kenner and Weinerman (Spring 2011).

Game Engagement Theory
It been said that video games can help a person in the learning experience in life. Researchers and practitioners in the field of game-based learning often assume that computer games are intrinsically motivational for most, if not all, people (e.g., Oblinger, 2004; Prensky, 2001). The U.K. is planning to make learning fun by using the video games from the report of Whitton. “The factors that the theory describes are the following: •1. A challenge that requires skill to achieve with an attainable goal and know rules •2. Complete absorption in the activity

3. Clear goals
4. Immediate feedback
5. Concentration on the task in hand
6. A sense of control, lacking the sense of worry about losing control •7. Loss of self-consciousness
8. Transformation of time” (Whitton 2011).
There are two types of theories dealing with a basic model of learning games. The two theories are flow theories and the theory of androgogy. Flow theories are a part of the component. It types of engagement that can be engage in a level of the state of flow, from Csikszentmihalyi (1992). The means of having a different style of learn of a younger learner is known as the theory of androgogy. Conclusion

In conclusion, adult learners have a hard time get back into, as well as adjusting to, the school environment than the traditional college students. When a person has been working numerous years and then decides to return to the school environment, it often is more difficult to adjust to forming a new train of thought. An adult learner may get so used to doing the things a certain way while in the working environment that they lose the ability for critical thinking.

Learning can be fun sometimes. A person can learn also from playing video games. Some people may learn one thing while others learn something completely different from the same video game.

I am an adult learner and can relate to what has been posted as well as what I have read. At times it is hard for me to get all my assignment in on time, but I am trying the best that I can. Sometimes it’s hard for me to understand what the instructor is asking me to do and what is required in the assignment for the week. Its major articles in my life they will have me pull from my studies. Things like working (need to make money to pay bills and to survive), family (need to give and receive family support in life), and other personally business. Life from adult living is hard, but to add going to school is harder on somebody like me. With the time I have in my life, I don’t have the time to sit in a classroom setting so I went a different route and taking online classing.

I do agree that some things can be learned by games and some things can’t. It shows the basics about how life can or can’t be and how life should or shouldn’t be. Over all learning can be fun at times even that it may be applied to video games.

Cari Kenner and Jason Weinerman (Spring 2011). Adult Learning Theory: applications to non-traditional college students. Nicola Whitton1 (2011). Game Engagement Theory and Adult Learning.

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