Topics: Choice, Hospitality management studies, Hotel manager Pages: 1 (258 words) Published: August 20, 2013
Statement of the Problem
This study attempts to find out the factors that influenced the 3rd year Hotel & Restaurant Management students in choosing their course specialization. More specifically, this study will answer the following questions: 1. What course specialization in Hotel & Restaurant Management has the most number of enrolled 3rd year students? 2. What is the common factor that influenced choice of specialization among 3rd year Hotel & Restaurant Management students? 3. What are the effects of these choices on the offerings of the College of International and Hospitality Management at the San Sebastian College – Recoletos de Manila? Statement of Hypothesis

The hypothesis of the study is:
HO1: There is no significant difference between the assessment of the Culinary Arts major students and the Hotel Management major students when it comes to their choice of specialization. Assumption

This search was guided by this assumption in the course study. • The 3rd year HRM students chose their course specialization because of their interest in the field. Scope and Delimitation
The coverage of the study is as follows:
The study will focus on the decision-making of the 3rd year Hotel & Restaurant Management with regards course specialization. The respondents are the 3rd year Hotel and Restaurant Management students of San Sebastian College – Recoletos de Manila having a total population of 309. The study will be held at the San Sebastian College – Recoletos de Manila, an institution located in the heart of the University Belt. The study will be carried out from June, 2011 up until March, 2012.
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