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*Specialty accommodations-conference center, lodges, bed & breakfast, boutique hotel, hostels and campgrounds Institutional housing-schools, military, hospitals and adult living Location/Logo/Business card

*Location-neighborhood, center city, suburban, highway, airport, resort and cruise *City, State, Phone # and website
*Make a business card with logo on an index card
or text box on computer
*Write a story of your restaurant full or limited service with artwork. STYLES of SERVICE
Over-the-counter-quick service or fast-food
Drive-through-seated in car place order & pay
Cafeteria-customers given tray with silverware and napkin, food displayed on a serving line, servers spoon out amount of food of choice, cashier then customers pay. Buffet-food arranged on table, customers walk around, serve themselves, sit at table then pay. *Write about the style of service for your restaurant.

Summarize what your education, career plan and dreams are for the future-4 sentences. *Write 2 subjects you found interesting in the Hospitality & Tourism or Restaurant Management class-6 sentences. Assignment must be in a report cover.

Enjoy and be creative with your business/restaurant.
Project due 6/4-6/2014.
Follow each slide with the necessary information given.
Artwork or clip art must be included in the slides.
Your Restaurant project/final exam should have 13 slides for completion with complete sentences. CHOSE YOUR BUSINESS STRUCTURE
Sole Proprietorship/Independent
Limited Liability Corporation
Single-unit or Multi-unit
*Write your business structure with clip art or artwork
*Write your business rules and standards for your
restaurant employees
Career Ladder worksheet
Career Cluster worksheet
Work Experience-general & culinary ladder
Career Plan
*Write a story about your education and career plan.
*2 paragraphs with 4...
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