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Assignment 1: Careers in Lodging and Food and Beverage Industries


Assignment 1: Careers in Lodging and Food and Beverage Industries

Maria Ransom Strayer University Alexandria Campus Professor: Jennifer Gallagher HTM 100 - Principles of Hospitality and Tourism Management February 3, 2012

Assignment 1: Careers in Lodging and Food and Beverage Industries


Describe the various types of management careers that can be offered within each industry (lodging and food and beverage).

The lodging and food and beverages offered various management careers. In lodging industry, you have the General Manager who oversea the entire operation of the hotel. The other management career is Front Office Manager. This person is responsible for managing the front of the house operations of the hotel. To ensure the highest standard of service and the best guest experience is maintained. FOM is responsible for establishing and maintaining professional relationship with hotel guests and patrons. The major challenging job of FOM is handling guest complaints because most of guests are unpredictable. Also, this person needs to be familiarizing with Front Office policies and procedures. In the restaurant business, Restaurant Manager function is the liaison between the dining room and the kitchen. They focus mainly in the “front of the house” FOH. It is very important to be available all times especially when you have patrons who are complaining about their food or other issues. Being a Restaurant Manager plays a major role because he/she is responsible for proper hiring and training of staff to deal with customers. This person also does the budget for food and beverages that will be

consumed in the restaurant.

Compare and contrast the differences between the General Management (GM) positions within the two industries.

Assignment 1: Careers in Lodging and Food and Beverage Industries


General Manager at a hotel is the most important role in lodging and food beverage. This person provides the leadership expertise that ensures the efficient

operation of the hotel and to include the quality of services and the achievement of operational goals. The other responsibilities are to monitor services trends to ensure guests received quality and satisfaction. In order for the operation to go smoothly, General Manager is to promote teamwork amongst employees. Ensure the proper

recruiting, training and to adhere to all policies and procedure. The important duties of a GM are to understand the competitive market conditions, review inventory control and to sell strategy daily. In a restaurant chain, a Restaurant Manager is responsible for leading the restaurant operations. This person controls day-to-day operations by, ordering food and supplies, and developing the restaurant team. Ensures local health and safety codes including OSHA (Occupational Safety Hazard and Health Administration are met. Also, provides a safe working and guest experience environment. The food quality and guest satisfaction I believe is one of the most important factor as a Restaurant Manager. Lastly, RM controls the profit and loss, maintaining inventory and reviewing financial reports. The bar is one of the most popular places in a restaurants and hotels. People

come to a restaurant or bars for a happy hour, have a cocktail or beer after a hectic day or just to relax. Most of them maybe to get together with family or friends. A bar is run by a bar managers. The responsibilities of a bar manager are supervising the order of liquors, beer and wines. This person maintains the costs, manages bar employees and ensures that all staff performs proper communication to the safety of the patrons.

Assignment 1: Careers in Lodging and Food and Beverage Industries


Analyze and describe the growth in overall employment within these two industries and how this overall growth is forecasted within the next ten years.

The growth both hotel and...

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