25. Using examples, discuss the extent to which regeneration and re-imaging of cities counteract the decline of urban in DCs

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Regeneration refers to in the investment of capital in the revival of old and declining urban areas either by improving what is left behind or clearing away and rebuilding. Often it may be accompanied by reimaging to change the dominant perception of an urban area. Such regeneration efforts can be seen in the town of Syracuse in New York. Between 1970s to 1990s, it started to experience urban decline. Economic decline happened as a result of deindustrialisation. As Syracuse was previously the largest manufacturer of bicycles and typewrites, technological advancement has led to deindustrialisation and massive unemployment. 6000 people were retrenched from 1964 to 1984 and 9000 from 1984 to 1989. In addition the population was declining with a 3.5% loss in the metropolitan statistical area and a 17% decline in the city’s population since 1970s.

The regeneration of Syracuse was done through image building as well as renovation and rehabilitation. In 1986, a new logo for Syracuse was designed to portray her as a vibrant, modern and a great waterfront living area compared to its past industries. At the same time, image building and renovation took place to complement the new image Syracuse was trying to portray. Lake Onondaga, previously a heavily polluted lake, was cleaned up and was the site for the development of the Carousel Mall. Supporting industries and infrastructure were built downtown costing about $1 billion dollars. There were flagship projects to boost the attractiveness of Syracuse and they include The Galleries, Carousel Mall and Onondaga County Convention Centre. Advertisements were placed in local and national media such as “Business Week” and “Fortune” with taglines such as “take stock in Syracuse” and “Profit from our assets”. All these were done to enhance the attractiveness of economic activities in Syracuse.

By enhancing Syracuse’s attractiveness to business, many new jobs were created as business operations chose to relocate their offices...
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