Roles of Communication

Topics: Philippines, Manny Pacquiao, Manila Pages: 2 (541 words) Published: July 14, 2013
Jonathan O. Sauz

There are three different roles of communication in the society. The first role of communication in the society is political role. Here, the role of communication is to provide the people information about the government or with the leaders. Like the issue about the RH Bill that are still talked about by many. Media are giving much attention on this and disseminate information on this. Many people depend on media so they will be aware of what is happening in the government. Almost every move of the government or the persons who are involved in politics are always in the news and being talked about. It also creates public opinion. After they had disseminate the information and the mass has received it different reaction or opinion of these people were made. The opinion of the people regarding the RH Bill is very crucial because we all know that the Catholic church is against it and this is issue is a great deal with our beliefs. After creating the opinion the mass media also reflects the opinion of the public. Somehow creating an image of the reaction of the people. About the RH Bill the opinion of the people can also be seen by the government in mass media and this is how the government somehow asses their decisions. The next role of communication in society is economic role. Communication is also has great effect on the economy of a country because we know that one to sell a product is to advertise in this mass media. The new tagline of the Department of Tourism “ It’s More Fun In The Philippines” and it’s video can always be seen in television, can be heard over radio and can be seen in newspapers and because of these advertisements many tourist can be interested in the Philippines. With these the economy can grow and increase the income of the country and this can help the Filipino people. Last role of communication in the society is the social role. This role helps to strengthen the social fabric of a nation. The Filipino people is...
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