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EXPLAIN WHY EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION IS IMPORTANT IN DEVELOPING POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS WITH CHILDREN, YOUNG PEOPLE AND ADULTS. Good communication is key to building strong and lasting relationships with children, young people and Adults. We begin this process with children as they start school, develop it as they grow older and maintain as we become adults. Clear communication is vital when working in a support role in an educational environment. Children beginning school for the first time will need to build their confidence in trusting adults they are unfamiliar with. We can help with this process by projecting a happy, warm approachable personality. Taking time for a child to speak and responding with an appropriate reply and perhaps another questions will begin a conversation and build trust. We need to praise regularly in order to continue helping them become secure and projecting positive emotions. We are need to be aware of setting good examples when communicating with other adults and parents. Children learn by example and always being aware of using good practices and ensure we pass on good habits. Make time to regularly engage with parents when appropriate this will also help develop your relationships. Be careful not to discuss delicate matters in front of other parents or children and make a sure the teacher is informed if a formal meeting needs to take place to discuss matters. We need to be aware of our use of non-verbal and verbal communication methods and understand how non-verbal plays a big part of how we communicate and how we are understood even when not speaking. The use of non-verbal communication plays an important role in how we understand and how we project ourselves to others. Maintain eye contact this helps show you are interested in what the other person is saying. Facial expressions also indicate you understand and perhaps empathise. Good body position will project confidence. Sitting and standing straight would be appropriate for a...
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