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Topics: Project management, Management, Risk management Pages: 109 (25185 words) Published: March 15, 2012
Based on PMBOK 4th Edition
Here are 200 objective type sample questions and their answers are given just below to them. This exam is just to give you an idea of type of questions which may be asked in PMP Certification Exams. Even we have taken full care to give correct answers for all the questions but it is recommended to verify these answers. In examination you will get each question one by one on computer screen

Which of the following is an advantage of centralized contracting? 1. Gives easier access to contracting expertise
2. Increases company expertise in contracting
3. Gives more loyalty to the project
4. Allows a contracts person to work on a single project Answer B
2 Risks will be identified during which risk management process(es)? 1. Quantitative risk analysis and risk identification
2. Risk identification and risk monitoring and control
3. Qualitative risk analysis and risk monitoring and control 4. Risk identification
Answer B
3 The highest point of Maslow's hierarchy of needs is:
1. physiological satisfaction.
2. attainment of survival.
3. need for association.
4. esteem.
Answer D
4 Who is ultimately responsible for quality management on the project? 1. Project engineer
2. Project manager
3. Quality manager
4. Team member
Answer B
5 A heuristic is best described as a:
1. control tool.
2. scheduling method.
3. planning tool.
4. rule of thumb.
Answer: D
6 If earned value (EV) = 350, actual cost (AC) = 400, planned value (PV) = 325, what is cost variance (CV)? 1. 350
2. -75
3. 400
4. -50
Answer D
7 A project manager has just been assigned to a new project and has been given the preliminary project scope statement and the project charter. The first thing the project manager must do is: 1. create a project scope statement.

2. confirm that all the stakeholders have had input into the scope. 3. analyze project risk.
4. begin work on a project management plan.
Answer: B
8 You are taking over a project during the planning process group and discover that six individuals have signed the project charter. Which of the following should most concern you? 1. Who will be a member of the change control board

2. Spending more time on configuration management
3. Getting a single project sponsor
4. Determining the reporting structure
Answer: D
9 The project manager is making sure that the product of the project has been completed according to the project management plan. What part of the project management process is he in? 1. Planning

2. Executing
3. Monitoring and controlling
4. Closing
Answer: D
10 The WBS and WBS dictionary are completed. The project team has begun working on identifying risks. The sponsor contacts the project manager, requesting that the responsibility assignment matrix be issued. The project has a budget of U.S. $loo,ooo and is taking place in three countries using 14 human resources. There is little risk expected for the project and the project manager has managed many projects similar to this one. What is the next thing to do? 1. Understand the experience of the sponsor on similar projects. 2. Create an activity list.

3. Make sure the project scope is defined.
4. Complete risk management and issue the responsibility assignment matrix. Answer: B
11 Risk tolerances are determined in order to help:
1. the team rank the project risks.
2. the project manager estimate the project.
3. the team schedule the project.
4. management know how other managers will act on the project. Answer A
12 A project manager is employed by a construction company and is responsible for the furnishing of the completed building. One of the first things that the project manager for this project should do is to write a: 1. Work breakdown structure.

2. Budget baseline.
3. Project...
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