The Big Dig: Analysis

Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: April 18, 2014
Avila University – PM 672
Class Paper– The Big Dig

You will provide an analysis of “The Big Dig” construction project (Boston, MA area). You will have to do some investigation and digging (pun intended) for information. You can find all of the information you need via the internet. However, you do not have to limit your information gathering to the internet if you want to get creative.

You will turn in a paper at Week 8 with your analysis. You will use APA formatting. A grading rubric will follow. The exercise is intended to have you use the knowledge about project management gained in this class and apply it to a real situation. You will use the PMBOK as a guide to the Process Groups (phases) and Knowledge Areas to be studied, and use the following as a guide for the structure and information desired.

1. Provide a summary of the project - include the basic project characteristics, project organization, and key stakeholders.
2. Planning – Briefly cover the knowledge areas and processes in the Planning Process Group. a. Scope Management – Was the scope of the project clearly defined in the beginning? Did it change during the life of the project? Was scope managed well during the project?

b. Time Management – How was the schedule developed? How was the schedule managed? Was the project on-time?
c. Cost Management – How was the budget developed? How was the Budget managed? Did the project come in under/over budget? Why?
d. Quality Management – Was there a quality plan? How was it developed? Who was responsible for quality? Were there any issues?
e. Human Resource Management – Was there an HR plan? How were human resources obtained, managed? What, if any, issues occurred?
f. Communications Management – Was there a communications plan? How was it done? What, if any, issues occurred that could be tied to how communication to the stakeholders was handled?
g. Risk Management – Was there a risk management plan? How was this created? How was it managed?
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