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Project Management Assignment

I. After downloading this document, save it as [your]LastNamePM.docx For instance, if I were doing the assignment, I would name the document - RothauptPM.docx. I suggest you save it to your desktop or a disk so it is easy to find. Also, be careful to name it exactly as stated and do not use any punctuation in the name (no commas, dashes, underscores, etc.) The Dropbox will not accept any files that contain punctuation. II. Answer each of the following questions by typing the letter you select as your answer in the ANSWER space below each question. Use the material from the Project Management Introductory video, the Project Management Theory and the Project Management Concepts material links to answer the questions. III. At the end of the questions, describe in a few sentences a project you are currently working on for school or work or your personal hobbies and interests that would benefit from Project Management concepts and tools, listing at least two Project Management knowledge areas and one benefit (see Concepts link). If you are not working on any projects, use your imagination to create one and follow these instructions for your created project.

1. Which of the following can be considered a project:

a) Volunteering at the local community center.
b) Eating healthy.
c) Losing 10 lbs by June 1st.
d) Getting better at my current job.

ANSWER: ________

2. Which of the following criterion is key to recognizing that a set of tasks is a project:

a) The setting of a start and end date.
b) The number of tasks must be high.
c) The complexity of the tasks must be high.
d) None of the above.

ANSWER: ________

3. A project may require or involve ______________.

a) Risk or uncertainty.
b) A budget.
c) Resources.
d) All of the above.

ANSWER: ________

4. A stakeholder is:

a) A person or entity that holds a positive interest in a project. b) A person or entity that may indirectly be affected by a project. c) A person or entity that holds a negative interest in a project. d) All of the above.

ANSWER: ________

5. A project to expand an airport in a city may have which of the following as a stakeholder with negative interest:

a) The administration of an airline company.
b) The local residents of the city.
c) The local restaurant owners near the site.
d) All of the above.

ANSWER: ________

6. The formal study of Project Management involves the study of: a) The particular field in which the project is concerned with. b) The nine knowledge areas.
c) The international trade laws.
d) All of the above.

ANSWER: ________

7. The triple constraints involve:

a) Cost, Time, and Communication within a project.
b) Cost, Human Interaction, and Human Resources in a project. c) Time, Quality and Due Dates of a project.
d) Scope, Time and Cost of a project.

ANSWER: ________

8. The Triple Constraint is:

a) Factors that pull the project manager in opposing directions. b) Negative Stakeholders.
c) Budget restrictions that must be met.
d) Deadlines that involves penalties in case they are violated.

ANSWER: ________

9. One of the leading software tools in Project Management is MS Project. The most common view in MS Project for reviewing a project was first used in 1917 and is:

a) The flowchart view.
b) The spreadsheet view.
c) The Gantt chart view.
d) The Print view.

ANSWER: ________

10. Which of the following is an authority in the formal study and profession of Project Management and offers certification in Project Management theory:

a) The Project Institute.
b) The TSI Institute.
c) The Project Management Institute.
d) The PMP institute.

ANSWER: ________

11. Which of the following is considered by many to be the first project in which modern project management theory was applied:

a) The building of the pyramids.
b) The Great Wall...
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