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Prepare a five to seven paragraph response proposing leadership styles you would recommend for the Denver Airport Project. Please choose a combination (two or three) of the eight leadership styles presented in the Thompson textbook (Chapter 11: Leadership: Managing the Paradox). Please note that you are to also use three other sources from the internet or the DeVry online library. All sources must be cited.

After reading the Denver Airport Project out of the eight leadership styles I believe active leadership, task leadership, and transformational leadership would be the three styles I would propose for the project. All three styles are team oriented towards reaching the success of the project. With out a close, hard working teams the project will not be successful and with these three styles the teams will work harder and more successfully. Active leadership style has the leader more team oriented and more actively engaged with the team. This gives the appearance of the phrase “Leading from the front” which is used to compliment a leader for working with his team to accomplish the mission. Active leaders are also more in-tuned with their teams members strengths and weaknesses. This type of leadership would be a successful fit with the Denver Airport Project because of the amount of time and man power that will be put forth for the project making the team to grow close and depend on each other to make deadlines. Task leadership focuses on accomplishing the objectives of the team. The objective of the team is a successful project within the deadline. Task leadership aspects include taking responsibility for decisions, setting short- term and long-term goals and training employees to perform their assigned responsibility. Task leadership leaders communicate what future plans they have for their company.

Transformational leadership motivates teams to work toward goals not originally expected. Transformational leaders put aside their own interest in the service of the larger organization. This will generate higher productivity and higher effectiveness being seen as team oriented. Transformational leadership is known to have more satisfied subordinates. Transformational leaders are focused on every member of the team succeed. With task, active, and transformational leadership styles the Denver Airport Project would be implemented with a well-balanced foundation for success. The amount of contracts and subcontracts the Denver Airport Project is made up of will consist of multiple teams that will use multiple leadership styles, but active, task, and transformational will be the best fit for the project.

Determine your Leadership Style.
By Randall D. Ponder

The Strengths & Weaknesses of a Task-Oriented Leadership Style by Chirantan Basu

What is Transformational Leadership?
By Kendra Cherry

Prepare a five to seven paragraph response based on this comment: “When a project seems well within reach, dampening overconfidence can ensure that energy remains focused on achieving it; when it appears almost out of reach, encouraging greater confidence can ensure that the motivation remains focused on achieving it” (Useem, 1998, p.122). Use the Denver Airport Project to justify your response to this comment. Use the Thompson textbook (Chapters 1 and 2) as well as three other sources from the internet or the DeVry online library. All sources must be cited.

Confidence is a fine line that at any moment can be crossed on either side. Success and defeat can push a team or person to one side or another making the end result be the same, which is failure. The Denver Airport Project had been truly a test of humbleness and unwavering determination. Confidence can play a...
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