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Acme Home Improvement de Mexico, SA de CV
Expansion Project Plan

Project Masters, LLC

Tyler M. Falcone

Chanda M. Morris

Sean P. Riley

Michael S. Wenthold

AMBA640, Section 9244
Professor Williams
April 24, 2010

Table of Contents

Executive Summary1


Existing Knowledge3

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)5


Construction Analysis9

Required Resources11

Project Completion and Final Inspection:12
Delivery of Inventory:13
Staffing and Training:13

Project Dashboard15



Appendix A: Project Charter & Organizational Chart21

Appendix B: Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Dictionary27

Appendix C: Dependency Summary Table33

Appendix D: Construction Cost Estimation37

Executive Summary

In order to stay competitive with other home improvement chain stores, Acme Home Improvement decided that it would be a wise investment to open their first international store in Mexico. Opening new retail facilities is not a new process for Acme. Since the company began in 1982, Acme Home Improvement has built 125 stores throughout the United States. The new location in Mexico is to follow Acme’s typical 100,000 square foot size, with a 10,000 square foot outdoor garden sales area, as well as a two story parking garage are what is outlined to be constructed. Work on this project is scheduled to begin January 3, 2011, with a budget of $18 million. Project Masters, general contractor for Acme Home Improvement, have developed this project management plan for your review. Project Masters will supervise the new Acme location in Mexico from planning to store opening. There will be seven project milestones used to track the progress of this project. These milestones are the document review phase, grading and permits phase, site work and construction phase, construction closeout phase, delivery and stocking of inventory, staffing and training phase, and finally, grand opening. In order to stay on track, Project Masters has developed a work breakdown structure (WBS) and performance dashboard. This being Acme’s first International location, the increased uncertainty makes these tools particularly important. The project management plan allows for this by adding “float” to the turnaround time of most tasks (Schwalbe, 2010, p.152). By leveraging the international experience of Project Masters, past experience opening U.S. locations, and knowledge of existing competitors in Mexico, Acme will be in a position to complete its Mexico City location within the desired twelve-months.


Acme Home Improvement has been successful domestically since its first location opened in 1982. In order to grow and remain competitive, Acme has decided to expand to the international market. To this end, they have decided to start a division in Mexico. The following plan will provide an overview of Acme’s domestic success, a strategy to successfully accomplish this project, a discussion of resource allocation, and a method to evaluate project success. With successful implementation of this plan, a unit can be operational in Mexico within one year, as Acme requires.

Existing Knowledge

As the company’s first expansion into a foreign market, Acme realizes there will be challenges unique to this project. Having built 125 stores since its start in 1982, Acme will be able to draw from past experiences during the expansion. Acme has a proven template for expansion success. Acme has learned from past experience that it is necessary to allow “slack” along the “critical path” of a project (Schwalbe, 2010, p. 152). As Acme’s first international project, the company has intentionally allowed for more slack than it normally would due to the increased uncertainty associated with an international project. Through Acme’s preliminary research the company has discovered the...

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