Project Management

Topics: Project management, Management, Construction Pages: 3 (844 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Introduction to Project Management
Professor Granville Jones
Phase 1 Individual Project
Melinda L. Mitchell
May 23, 2012
This class
June 3, 2012

The objective of this project is to open a second office for Better Health Care Centers within the next 18 months and within the $1.5 million budget on time and on budget. The projects environment as it relates to cultural /social is one of healing, health and wellbeing of the population or community. The expansion of the facility will impose little impact on the environment as we will be using an existing building and all green practices and policies will be instituted when possible. For the general management of this project I will be using construction managers, contract managers and lawyers, and there will be another manger in charge of the hiring of staff and all of those people will be reporting to me, the general project manager. Since this is such a long and expensive project there will need to be tight controls on time and resources to ensure that there is little to no waste. The project will be segmented into phases that will be completed or almost complete when the next phase of the project begins. This will enable better control of the project as opposed to doing things out of a logical order. You would not furnish the building before you install the carpet. The amount of phases and the degree of control of each phase will depend on the size complexity and impact of the project. The phases for now, will be simplified and will go something like this; the initiating phase where all of the proposals and budgets for each phase will be defined will be set. The next phase will include the planning process. Where all of the basic needs of the project will be defined and the management team is built and phase assignments are delegated. Then the work starts with the execution of the project and the individual projects begin in earnest. This phase has some overlapping...

References: PMBOK guide forth edition project management institute. Fourth edition 2008
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