Final Review Cue Cards

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What is performance management? (2) What is the foundation of performance management? Why should performance (contribution be appraised?

What are some problems with performance appraisal? (5)

What are the 5 steps in performance management process?

What is step 1 of the performance management process? (4)

What is step 2 of the performance management process? (2) What is step 3 of the performance management process?

What are the components of step 3 of performance mgmt.?

What are all of the formal methods to evaluate performance? (9 – first 4)

What are all of the formal methods to evaluate performance? (9 – other 5)

1. Lack of performance standards, irrelevant, subjective, unrealistic standards setting maximizing profitability of the company as a goal isn’t realistic, because not everyone can contribute to this goal 2. Poor measures of performance 3. Appraiser errors(i.e. the supervisor) 4. Poor feedback to employees, e.g. none, vague, inaccurate, argumentative etc. 5. Failure to use to evaluation to make decisions

- process encompassing all activities related to improving employee performance, productivity, contribution and effectiveness - includes goal setting, pay for performance, training and development, career management, and disciplinary action Performance appraisal process: purpose is to instill in employees the desire for continuous improvement Provides opportunity for reinforcement and/or corrective action regarding performance

Defining performance expectations and goals: to make sure job duties and job standards are clear to all Surveys show employee’s path from job duties to achievement strategic goals is blurred - job description often insufficient to clarify performance expectations (only includes tasks, duties) - measurable standards related to strategic objectives should be developed for each position

1. defining performance expectations 2. providing ongoing feedback and coaching 3. conducting performance appraisal and evaluation discussions 4. determining performance rewards/consequences such as promotions, salary, increases and bonuses 5. conducting development and career opportunities discussions

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Formal methods Mixing methods Performance appraisal problems and solutions Avoiding appraisal problems Legal and Ethical Issues Who should do the appraising Appraisal interviews Types, preparation, conducting, ensuring improved performance 8. How to handle a formal written warning

Providing ongoing coaching and feedback: through open two-way communication - both the employee and the manager need to check in frequently (i.e. regularly scheduled coaching sessions)throughout the performance management process to talk about progression toward goals



3. 4.


Performance appraisal and evaluation discussion: at specific intervals by comparing employee’s actual performance to set standards (usually rating form) - employee’s performance and progress are discussed to reinforce things that employee is doing well and develop plan for correction or deficiency critical incident method: keep record of 1. graphic rating scale: scale list number of traits/duties uncommonly good/undesirable examples of an & range of each performance; employee rated by idemployee’s work-related behaviour; reviewing list w. ing the score that best describes performance level employee at predetermined times (tracking 2. alternation ranking method: ranking employees extremely positive and negative performers) from best to worst on a particular trait (maybe narrative forms: state problem, impact; equally good) improvement plan w. goals, direction, training; 3. Paired comparison method: ranking employees by outcomes & consequences (positive & negative) making a chart of all possible pairs of employee for behaviourally anchored rating scales each trait and indicate the better employee of the mgmt. by objectives: setting specific measureable pair goals w. each employee then...
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