Aerobic Cellular Respiration

Topics: Cellular respiration, Adenosine triphosphate, Oxidative phosphorylation Pages: 2 (294 words) Published: August 30, 2013
Steps to Study Aerobic Cellular Respiration

The mitochondrion made ATP

How does the mitochondrion make ATP?

Glycolysis breaks down a glucose molecule

Pyruvate is created via Glycolysis

The acetyl CoA is produced from Pyruvate

Citric acid comes from acetyl CoA and Oxaloacetate

Citric acid was the starting molecule for the Krebs cycle

The NADH and the FADH2 were generated by the Krebs cycle

Oxidative Phosphorylation involves electron transport chain (ETC) and Chemiosmosis

The electron transport chain pulled electrons off of NADH and FADH2

The protons also came from the electron transport chain (ETC) Oxygen is the final acceptor.

The mitochondrion obtains its source of energy from the movement of protons down a concentration gradient (chemiosmosis), this difference in gradient is what directly powers formation of ATP.

Proton by proton they cross ATP Synthase were ADP will join a phosphate to form ATP.

A total of 32 ATP are form from one molecule of Glucose (2 ATP from Glycolysis, 2 from Krebs cycle, and 28 from Oxidative Phosphorylation)

Now, following the steps that you just learned for aerobic cellular respiration, respond to the following questions:

NOTE: If you can’t answer a question, go back and review the above steps.

Who makes ATP?
What is the source of energy for the mitochondrion to make ATP? Where do the protons involved in the concentration gradient come from? What happens to glucose in Aerobic respiration?
How is Pyruvate produce?
How is acetyl CoA produced?
What molecule starts the Krebs cycle?
Where are NADH and the FADH2 generated?
What are the two steps of Oxidative Phosphorylation?
How did the electron transport chain get the protons?
Who is the final acceptor of electrons in ETC?
What directly powers ATP Synthase?
How many ATP’s per molecule of Glucose?

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