• Are most of the errors which efl learners make due to interference from their l1?
    Introduction It is commonly assumed that where there are differences between L1 and L2, the learner's L1 will probably interfere with the L2 (negative language transfer), whereas, when L1 and L2 are similar, the L2 will assist the L2 learning (positive language transfer) (Ellis, 1994). There
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  • How learners need to be supported during teaching
    Reece and Walker state, "The desks need to have a flexible format so that they can easily be moved from the more formal situations" (Reece and Walker, 1997, pg40). The environments within which I teach (computer classrooms) have very little scope for change. Each student sits at a fixed desk, upon w
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  • English language learners
    English Language Learners Cooperative groups are used as a strategy for teaching ELL students. This strategy has been proven effective for teaching content material as well as a second language. In a cooperative group situation students are each given the opportunity to speak and participate.
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  • A reflective report which discusses key issues related to the successful inclusion of all learners in mathematical activity and enquiry.
    A reflective report which discusses key issues related to the successful inclusion of all learners in mathematical activity and enquiry. Introduction. In this essay I plan to write a reflective and analytical report as to how all children, taking into account their individual needs, can be inc
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  • Identifying problems and issues in developing and implementing 504 plans and i.e.p. plans in south carolina schools to ensure appropriate education for exceptional children.
    Identifying problems and issues in developing and implementing 504 Plans and I.E.P. Plans in South Carolina schools to ensure appropriate education for exceptional children. December 11, 2005 Abstract Special needs students were identified by Parent/Student Advocates serving Horry, Georgeto
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  • Special learners
    Special learners are individuals whose physical attributes and/or learning abilities differ from the norm. Students who are mentally impaired, learning disabled, visually impaired, hearing impaired, physically challenged, and gifted and talented are often identified as special learners. Music is
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  • An approach to basic-vocabulary development for english language learners
    This journal article gives strategies for helping English-language learners develop basic vocabulary so that they can read effectively. It addresses the problem that English-language learners face today, they need vocabulary to be able to read effectively; on the other hand, the best way for studen
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  • Misconceptions about learners with disabilities
    Misconceptions about Learners with Learning Disabilities There are many misconceptions associated with learners who have a learning disability. One common myth is that we know very little about the causes of learning disabilities. This is very untrue. Even though we don't know all of the causes
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  • : Exceptional service & its practice
    “It doesn’t matter how far you fly but how better you fly” 2.3.1 Exceptional service: I think exceptional service is all about providing customer delight by providing the service beyond the customer expectation and customer willing to pay for it. And this exceptional service differs from cust
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  • Faq parents ask about struggling (slow) learners
    FAQ Parents ask about Struggling (Slow) Learners By Erin N. King, Ed.S., Nationally Certified School Psychologist What does it mean to be a struggling learner or slow learner? A "slow learner" is not a diagnostic category, it is a term people use to describe a student who has the ability to
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  • Hidden voices of adult learners in open and distance learning program: problems and strategies to overcome the problems
    Abstract Most recent studies on adult learners in open and distance learning (ODL) programs in Malaysia have been focusing on students’ ICT skills, learning strategies, and interconnectivity but studies on problems encountered by adult learners while studying as fulltime or part-time students a
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  • Inclusion: education the exceptional child
     Inclusion: Educating the Exceptional Child History of Education Shanona Merrell February 19, 2010 The inclusion classroom is a classroom that has a mixture of students with and without disabilities. I selected this topic because I was an inclusion teacher at the local head start. I am
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  • Assessment and program planning for an exceptional learner
    Assessment and Program Planning for an Exceptional Learner I. Written Commentary A. Student Profile a. Instructional Setting and Background Information Missy is an African American female student, born September 12, 1994 in Memphis, Tennessee. She is in the seventh grade, on a first year inclusi
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  • • Explain how you would promote inclusion, equality and diversity with your current/future learners.
    • Explain how you would promote inclusion, equality and diversity with your current/future learners. • Identify other points of referral available to meet the potential needs of learners In this essay I am going to address ways to promote inclusion, equality and diversity with learners and
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  • How to establish ground rules with learners
    Teaching students, coming from different backgrounds, cultures and beliefs is a challenge for the teacher. Therefore, I try to differentiate my student in regard to establish appropriate ground rules when I teach. First of all the rules needs to be adhered to the school's disciplinary procedures
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  • Exceptional parents unlimited
    EEXCEPTIONAL PARENTS UNLIMITED 4440 North First Street Fresno, California 93726 (559) 229-2000 Fax: (559) 229-2956 OPEN MONDAY-FRIDAY 8:30am-5:00pmContacts: Jill Harkness-Intake/Transition Coordinator Jessica Conzen-Early Intervention Specialist The Mission of EPU: EPU's
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  • Exceptional
    Presentors: Exceptional Educating Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children How does the teaching of deaf children and those who are hard-of-hearing differ? Hard-of-hearing children have the ability to acquire speech and language through hearing. While the deaf children does no
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  • Learners
    Executive Education Strategic Marketing Management This intensive five-day program will provide you with the frameworks to develop, implement, and evaluate marketing strategies. August 23–27, 2010 December 6 –10, 2010 Strategic Marketing Management Marketing is the core of all busine
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  • To what extent were the sixties, ‘a period of exceptional cultural and social change’?
    To what extent were the sixties,‘a period of exceptional cultural and social change’? Discuss. It is easy to see why Marwick asserts that the sixties were ‘a period of exceptional cultural and social change’. To test this assertion I will be examining at the disciplines of History, in par
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  • Children as quick learners
    VARGHESE PAUL IELTS Essay - Task 02 It is often assumed that children do learn more quickly when compared with the learning capacities of adults. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give reasons to support your views. “Children have to be educated, but
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