Ptlls Level 3 - Assignment 1.4

Topics: Mobile phone, Sentence, Psychology Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: October 31, 2011
Before any teaching session begins I would establish some ground rules with each new group of learners. I would explain the reasons for having these and promote discussion about what I expect from them as learners and what they can expect from me as tutor. I would most likely opt for a flip chart to write these down and use this activity to encourage participation by asking the group what they feel is important to them in terms of respect for each others individuality and what they feel is acceptable behaviour, this could include learners writing the groups ideas onto the flip chart or writing their ideas down, collating them and selecting the most appropriate and relevant ones which would then form the basis of an agreement. Examples of ground rules being respecting for each other, turning mobile phones to silent, not interrupting each other and allowing opinions to be expressed, do we allow swearing and if so at what level do we draw the line. Having established these ground rules I would suggest to the group that I draw up an agreement in the form of a list that we all adhere to and can refer to. I would also agree with the group the consequences of infringement of the agreement, this may be in 3 stages, 1 being polite reminder of our agreement, 2 being a discussion in private between myself and the learner and 3 if the infringement continued the learner would be asked to leave the course. This would underpin what the group agree to as appropriate behaviour and that they have set the boundaries and consequences themselves.
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