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English Proficiency

ENGLISH PROFICIENCY OF PNTC STUDENTS INTRODUCTION This thesis presents the declining of English Proficiency of PNTC students. Followed by the problem statement and the aims of the study used in the data gathering. An assessment of the selection of participants as well as the instruments is included. This is followed also by a discussion used for data gathering, procedures and how it was conduct and analyzed. An evaluation follows with the conclusion thereafter. In order to get the effectiveness...

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English Proficiency

Related Foreign Studies Language proficiency or linguistic proficiency is the ability of an individual to speak or perform in an acquired language. As theories vary among pedagogues as to what constitutes proficiency, there is little consistency as to how different organizations classify it. Additionally, fluency and language competence are generally recognized as being related, but separate controversial subjects. In predominant frameworks in the United States, proficient speakers demonstrate both...

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English Proficiency

English nowadays is considered as the universal language; for which it is understood by almost all countries around the world. It is used by most people as their second language. First, it is a way of communication in business, negotiations & especially in academics. It plays an important role in the basic education, particularly to speaking and writing (Kumar, 2009). English proficiency must be treated as an additional skill. In reality, a country needs to build familiarity, friendship and collaborate...

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Assesment of Level of English Proficiency

CHAPTER 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction             Because English is so widely spoken, it has often been referred to as a "world language", the lingua franca of the modern era, and while it is not an official language in most countries, it is currently the language most often taught as a foreign language.    English is widely spoken in the Philippines. It is used as the business language as well as the medium of instruction in schools and universities.  It is the language used by...

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Syllabus for English Language Proficiency

Subject Code: Engl 125 Descriptive Title: English for Specific Purposes; English Language Proficiency Assessment in the Nation Pre-Requisite: Engl 121, Engl 122 Credit: 3 units I. Subject Description: This course is intended to develop students’ skills in the use of the English language in the context of teaching profession. Like any course in English for Specific Purposes, it is anchored on the philosophy that the students’ mastery of the English language should be developed, primarily, along...

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English Proficiency as Related to Academic Performance

English Proficiency of Business Management Students of Taguig City University as a Factor Contributing to Academic Performance Academic Year 2014-2015 A Thesis Presented to the College Of Business Management Taguig City University In Partial Fulfillment to the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Management By: Arvin C. Amor Jullian P. Baladjay Lee Ward O. Butihen Ericka Shayne G. Cara Camille A. Oriel Alvin T. Santoalla Charlene C. Violeta BSBM/A32 (am) ...

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English Proficiency in the Philippines

Introduction Because English is so widely spoken, it has often been referred to as a "world language", the lingua franca of the modern era, and while it is not an official language in most countries, it is currently the language most often taught as a foreign language. The history of the English language really started with the arrival of three Germanic tribes who invaded Britain during the 5th century AD. These tribes, the Angles, the Saxons and the Jutes, crossed the North Sea from what today...

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English Proficiency

Language proficiency or linguistic proficiency is the ability of an individual to speak or perform in an acquired language. As theories vary among pedagogues as to what constitutes proficiency,[1] there is little consistency as to how different organizations classify it. Additionally, fluency and language competence are generally recognized as being related, but separate controversial subjects. In predominant frameworks in the United States, proficient speakers demonstrate both accuracy and fluency...

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Writing Proficiency

Abstract The present study investigated the sentence-level errors of freshmen students at three proficiency levels and the aspects of writing that raters focused on while rating the essays. It views errors as valuable information for the following: For teachers, as it clues them on students’ progress; for researchers as it gives them valuable data as to how language is acquired or learned; for learners, as it enables them to reflect on their learning. The data for the present...

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Levels of Language Proficiency

Levels of Language Proficiency Elementary to Limited Proficiency * The first two levels of language proficiency deal with the absolute basics of the language. These levels are where speakers learn vocabulary and grammar, especially how to properly conjugate words and how to speak in the past, present and future tenses. By the time these two levels are completed students should have some basic grasp of the language, and they should be able to hold casual, relatively simple conversations about...

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ASEAN Economic Community and Developing English Proficiency

liberalization level to create the ASEAN Economic Community or AEC by 2015. The liberalization targets under AEC include not only the free movement of goods but also the free mobility of factors of production among member countries. AEC and English proficiency in Thailand So what’s all this hype about the AEC? You encounter it everywhere—on the radio, on television, in the newspaper. AEC is coming, Prepare for the AEC, Are You ready for the AEC? It’s almost as exciting as the rumor about...

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Strengthening Command of English

STRENGTHENING COMMAND OF ENGLISH What ? WHY ? And HOW? BY ZAHAR IBRAHIM IPGM KDRI DEFINITION OF MBI/SOE ❖ SOE – To strengthen the command of English as the mandatory language to be learned, language of communication and language of knowledge at national and international level. Rational of soe …. Only 25% of the SC and MT teachers – proficient. - Only 53 – 58 % of teaching period use Eng. - 2007, Report by Trends in Mathematics Science Study(TIMSS), 2003 – from 10th...

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English Proficiency

CHAPTER 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction English is the “world language”, the lingua franca of the era today. Philippines today, is the fifth largest English-speaking in the world and in Asia, second. Being proficient in English is now considered as a phenomenon globally. English has remained an absolutely popular language even in the world of Education. Since English is an intellectualized language, teachers of today’s generation are using it as the medium of instruction. It is...

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Decline or Rise in English Proficiency in Malaysia? by Christopher

Few people would argue against the importance of English language today. It is the lingua franca in cyberspace and in international science, politics, business, and entertainment. A study in 2011 by English First (EF) showed just how important English is to a country. This study was conducted on 44 countries (including Malaysia) where English was not their first or native language. The study found that English proficiency generally correlates (relates linearly) with a country’s wealth and export-dependency...

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English Proficiency

ENGLISH PROFICIENCY: HOW MUCH OF A PROBLEM IS IT? For many of us, the state of education in a country speaks volumes. Where English is spoken and taught as a second language, fluency is deemed a basic requirement for proper communication and propagation of ideas and connotes success. Does this fluency actually translate to a country's economic success and overall standing in the world of nations? Back when American influence on teachers was still strong in the 1950s, I recall instances where...

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English Proficiency and Academic Achievement

CHAPTER 1 The Problem Introduction For many years now, linguists and researchers have examined the impact of English language proficiency on various fields like academic success and employability. While early researches suggested that English proficiency does not dictate high academic rating and employment aptitude, evidences are now showing that proficiency of the English language is a cutting-edge asset in areas of academic success and employment in a highly-competitive and demanding industries...

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English Language Development

the California English Language Development Test (CELDT)? The CELDT is a test that measures how well a student can listen, speak, read, and write in English. California state law requires that the CELDT be given each year to English Learners (students who do not speak English fluently). What is the purpose of the CELDT? The purpose of this test is: • To identify new students in kindergarten through grade 12 who are English Learners. • To monitor student progress in learning English. • To help decide...

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Internet and Philippine English Proficiency

the use of internet grows rapidly, English language skill also has become a necessity in order for us to establish linkages with the rest of the world. English has played a central role as the common international language in linking people who have different mother tongues. When it comes to English language proficiency, recent language test results released by the IDP Education Pty. Ltd. Philippines, an accredited group that administers the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) to...

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The English Language: The Problem and Its Background

technology and education of which mostly English language is the medium. We are well aware that English is the most frequently used second language in the world and also the universal language that makes it a prerequisite for competing in our modern world. Academically, it is also a big challenge for our aspiring professionals to learn English and be proficient in it for the success of their career not only to their own countries but internationally. Language proficiency is commonly defined as a person’s...

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English Language and English Proficiency Levels

( 2003.by teachers of English speakers of other languages, Inc, TESOL ) In Culture (Cross-Cultural Communications) the first domain of five. This is an important factor in ELLs to learn and understand the language knowledge from the diverse backgrounds. The most recent survey says in (2005-2006) the population of ELL's is up approximately 10 percent of the total public school enrolled and increasing every year.(Why TESOL? pg 5-6) Why TESOL? States, "Providing for the English Language learners is one...

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English Mastery

Laurry Guillan F. Reyes HRS 1-A English Mastery: An Essential to the New Generation Thesis Statement: The generation we live in now has incredibly high standards that fluency in English language is of a good help for starting a career, connecting to the world and international recognition. Introduction According to the contemporary psycholinguist, Frank Smith, “One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.” Having one language is not enough though...

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Level of Performance of Fourth Year Public Highschool Students Towards English Proficiency in Physics

towards English proficiency in learning creates its possibility to be monolingual by using the considered foreign language as the standard language in teaching is impossible yet can be proven by theoretical studies to be conducted. Many accounts of constitutional laws, studies and facts regarding this issue of using the English language in teaching academic subjects such as science and technology can well explain its effective usage in the world of language education namely: the English language...

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ELL Proficiency Standards

Teacher: Grade: Kinder ELP Level: ELL 1 Performance Objective: Reading Domain Standard 1: The student will demonstrate understanding of print concepts of the English language. Activity: There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat. Using the book have students follow along with the story and have students identify the parts of the book. Basic: B-1: identifying the front cover, back cover, and title page of a book to establish directionality. Using the book as a guide tell me the parts of the...

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Why English is important in Job Requirement? A study conducted by one of the biggest agencies, Job.com, founded that lack of communication skills in both speaking and writing has caused the main reasons for the failure of graduates in seeking jobs. An English lecturer of University Utara Malaysia’s school of cognitive science and education, M.Puveneswary who taught English at the University for about 11 years said, there was a gap between English at the workplace and academic environments...

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English Language Learners

racie Allen of the comedy team of Burns and Allen was once asked how one should speak French. She replied, "Well, you speak it the same way you speak English; you just use different words." When trying to assist in instructing English language learners, they usually have many concepts and language abilities that they need to master, as do the teachers that are trying to teach them. With the incorporation of the concepts and approaches to identify and assess the issues and concerns that we have learned...

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Mastering the Art of English Proficiency

to survive, Juan must master the art of spear—the spear that will make him invincible, the spear that will help him emerge as king, the spear that is known today as English Proficiency. But what is English Proficiency? What does it do to help Juan in this crisis-laden world? Ladies and gentlemen, this is the skill in using the English language. This will bring Juan closer to excellence—excellence in quenching his thirst for global competitiveness, excellence in responding his own hullabaloos and excellence...

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Teachers of English Language Learners

Running Head: TEACHERS OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS Problems that Science Teachers of English Language Learners Face in the Classroom Table of Contents Abstract………………………………………………………………..3 Introduction………………………………………………………..….3 Significance of the Study……………………………………………..4 Research Question……………………………………………………5 Hypothesis of the Study………………………………………………5 Methods………………………………………………………………6 Data analysis………………………………………………………….7 Conclusion……………………………………………………………8 References………………………………………………...

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a complex sentence, a Senate committee is believed to have found. (The Age, 13 September 2007) Nothing unites a country more than its common language because from a language comes a history and a culture. (John Howard quoted in Migrants to sit English test, ABC Online, 11 December 2006) Linguists suggest that some people deliberately choose a low status accent as a way of invoking prestige, although this is less common amongst women than men. The Australian-born children of migrants from Europe...

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Importance of English Communication Proficiency

Introduction Background of the Study “English is without a doubt the actual universal language” said Carlos Carrion Torres of Brazil. While English is not an official language in most countries, it is the language most often taught as a second language. English is most widely used in communicating around the world. The information that the researchers gathered about communication and English made them realized that the two terminologies must be always together. Good communication creates...

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SEI 301 Week 3 Proficiency Standards Lesson

301 Week 3 Proficiency Standards Lesson General Questions - General General Questions Visit the Department of Education website at http://www.ade.az.gov/asd/lep/ Scroll down to Arizona’s English Language Proficiency (ELP) Standards Correlation Guides. View Correlation Guide for ELL Proficiency Standards in Listening and Speaking to K-12 Arizona Academic Standards. If your state is a member of WIDA, use their instructional standards. Review the English Language...

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Proficiency of English

English has been an international language in today’s generation. No matter in where they work, they need English to communicate and build relationship with the people in the organization. The decline in the proficiency of English in Malaysia has reached an alarming level which means the standard of English of the Malaysian drops when compare to the past 20 years. Malaysia has different races which create different religions and also languages in the country. People of different races remain to...

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English Language Proficiency

English Language ProficiencyEnglish is the craziest language.” This tagline was made famous by the American author, speaker and teacher – Mr. Richard Lederer. His column, "Looking at Language", is syndicated in newspapers and magazines throughout the United States. He has written more than 30 books, including Anguished English, Get Thee to a Punnery, Crazy English, A Man of My Words, The Word Circus, The Miracle of Language, The Cunning Linguist, Word Wizard, and Presidential Trivia. Known as...

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Proficiency level of College Students

Introduction English is the universal language. The proficiency level of English major students is one of the great factors to be considered in producing high quality graduates. English proficiency pertains to the ability to speak, read and write in English. To be considered as truly proficient, you should have an advanced skill in this. English is used as the business language as well as the medium of instruction in schools and universities.  It is the language used by the people all over the...

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Upholding English Proficiency for Commu

Upholding English Proficiency for Communicative Competency For many years since the World War II, the English language had been the lingua franca of numerous countries and territories all around the world. It is used in the everyday lives of many people – from selling and buying to creating laws. Being an English proficient person, one must be able to speak, read and write the language. To be truly proficient, he must have advance abilities in the three divisions wherein he can convey and relay...

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Baby Dumping in Malaysia

MUET Malaysian University English Test (MUET), first launched in 1999 and administered by Malaysian Examinations Council (Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia), is a test to measure candidates’ English language proficiency. MUET is taken by students who intend to pursue their tertiary education at local public universities since it is a mandatory test to gain entry into degree courses offered at all Malaysian public universities. This test is carried out twice a year, in April/May and October/November...

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English Proficiency

Yakushko, O. (2010). Clinical work with limited English proficiency clients: A phenomenological exploration. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 41, 449-455. doi:10.1037/a0020996 This research article focused on therapists’ perceptions of clinical and personal characteristics and contextual factors that may influence mental health service delivery to limited English proficiency (LEP) clients through interpreters. Particularly, this study attempted to understand these factors by...

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Standardized English Proficiency Test Ploicy

Prompt: Most of the professors in the Department of Applied Foreign Languages strongly suggest that an English major should reach an acceptable score of a standardized English proficiency test (e.g., TOEIC, IELTS) before graduation. Otherwise, he or she should not be qualified for graduating with a college diploma. Do you agree or disagree with such policy? Support your arguments with specific examples. • Write your essay in the box. |As time changes, the opportunities of studying at college...

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all, the representative sample will be selected by (after informed consent in viewing scores and selection of participants) examining the language proficiency levels of 1500 random high school students in the USA using the SAT, ACT, and their high school English courses to separate them into pairs of students with similar levels of proficiency in English, based on their scores. Then each member of the two person group will either be assigned either to the control group or the experimental group. The...

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Level of English proficiency among Criminology students

Level of English Proficiency of BS Criminology Students and the Factors that Affect Learning in English Subjects LJ FG A THESIS Submitted as partial fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Masters of Arts in Language Teaching College of Arts and Communication University Town, Catarman Northern Samar ¬¬ CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION Background of the Study The use of language takes place in all circumstances of our daily lives. It has become a vital tool in interacting...

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Missing Home so Much

Kainan University Skills for English Language Proficiency Testing (TOEFL BTT10000297 (02)) Fall, 2010 Day: Thursday Time: 4:10 – 6:00 P.M. Room: B218 Assistant Professor: John R. Jenkins Office Telephone: 03-341-2500 (6114) Office Room Number: AT 38 Home Telephone: 03-531-8555 Fax: 03-531-1668 ...

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Study Plan

84001高雄市大樹區學城路一段一號 Please type or print in Chinese or English 請以中文或英文正楷逐項填寫 ___________year年 * Fall Semester (Beginning in September)秋季班 * Spring Semester (Beginning in February)春季班 The department (institute) and degree you wish to pursue at ISU. ※擬申請就讀之系(所)及學位 Priority志願 | Department (institute) and degree you wish to apply申請系所 | Degree學位 | 1 | Department/Institute: □Chinese-taught Programs □English-taught Programs □Japanese-taught Programs | □Bachelor學士班□Master’s...

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Advantages of Speaking English X [pic] John London John London is an English journalist who has been writing professionally since 2006. His articles have appeared in major British newspapers such as "The Times" and "The Guardian." London holds a Master of Arts in journalism from the University of the Arts London. By John London, eHow Contributor [pic]When you go abroad, English will probably be the single language many people will understand. English is known to be so useful throughout...

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Error Analysis on the Written Compositions of Freshmen Education Students of Punp: Basis for the Development of Prototype Writing Activities

1998) As social being therefore, man has to develop his language proficiency. His ability to communicate properly and correctly is man’s edge over the other members of the animal kingdom. This involves the four skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing. Of the four writing is considered the weakest component for it requires thorough and careful organization of thoughts and ideas. The ability to write in English is a very significant asset of every student because writing is one of...

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Current Issues in Teaching Literature

The article that I have chosen is entitled ‘Teaching Literature through Language: Some Consideration’ by Abraham Panavelil Abraham (Ph D) who is an English Professor at University of Nizwa, Oman. This research article mainly discusses on why teaching literature in language classroom is important, how to choose an appropriate literary text and also some strategies for teaching literature by creating an awareness of linguistic possibilities and sensibility. In the introduction, Abraham pointed out...

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" THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE IS FULL! " In the last few years, the English language has undergone many changes. Dubbed the international language, English has become the language that most people wish to learn. Many reasons explain such a choice but none explains it better than the fact that the strongest economy still remains the United States of America. Being an Englishspeaking country, its language radiates around the world. Most countries and national governments grant English a special...

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Cooperative Learning Journal Review

teacher’s perspective who also agreed that it was highly effective because it facilitated learning but they also perceived it as a time consuming technique. Objectives or Purpose/Statement of the Problem An English as a Second Language Learner faces many issues when learning English such as selecting proper words, presenting ideas clearly, generating and developing interesting ideas and as a result of this they are not motivated to learn or to engage with the writing activity (Gleason & Isaacson...

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Proficiency Standards There are proficiency standards that English Language Learners are expected to meet in order to acquire the appropriate English language skills. Students will need to master those standards in order to be successful and productive in their educational, professional, and personal lives. Those standards will help and enable students to be able to understand the language and how words and phrases are put together and how the meanings of sentences and phrases can change. My English...

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DF Letter 1421451

RM 560.00 9,545.00 750.00 300.00 11,155.00 Submission of internationally recognised English language examination results. A minimum score of 6 in the British Council IELTS (TOEFL score of 550 paper-based or 213 computer-based or 80 internet-based) is required. Undergraduate applicants with no IELTS or TOEFL results or with scores less than those stated above will be required to sit for the English Proficiency Test (EPT) which is organized by the University during the orientation week. A student...

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Nikoloz Vetsko 9/4/2014 Cause English The first time I read a book in English, and honestly a book in general, was in 5th grade. I grew up in the Republic of Georgia, went to a public school for most of my first four years, with teachers that didn’t really care if I paid attention or really, if I was there at all. It was hard for me to care when they didn’t seem to, I wasn’t motivated to do anything, and in fact it would be accurate to say that in those first four years, I didn’t learn anything...

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How to Get Scholarship Abroad

requirements are proof of language proficiency as needed by universities, since we’re talking about coming into foreign countries. It can be TOEFL, IELTS, TOP, DILF, etc. Make sure you do understand the requirements, how many recommendation letters the university needs (and from whom); do they require (just) regional conference participation instead of international one; and what GRE score you need to meet (look for details for each section); what kind of language proficiency they want (institutional or...

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Filling Visa in Campusfrance

| | | | | | |French and English proficiency | |Assess your proficiency in reading, writing, listening and speaking the following languages: | |1 - excellent, 2 - good, 3 - fair...

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MINUTES OF ENGLISH PANEL MEETING (15 Jan 2013 @ 1.35 pm, Physics Lab) Attendance : 1. Puan Adila bt Ahmad (Head of Panel) 2. Puan Julaila bt Yahya (Senior Teacher of Language Department) 3. Puan Zuraini bt Abdullah 4. Puan Suhaila bt Kayat 5. Puan Syazrin Syimee bt Sharifuddin 6. Puan Zuhira @ Suria bt Ghazali 7. Puan Asmaton bt Mohd Nawawi 8. Puan Robitah bt Nordin 9. Puan Santhi Nair a/p Baskaran Nair 10. En Mohd Azlan b. Mohd Ali Secretary : En.Azlan bin Mohd Ali Absentees...

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Globalization of English

Globalization of English and the English Language Classroom The term ‘the globalization of English’ can be interpreted in at least three ways. It can refer to the increasing intrusion of the English language into the lives of town and city dwellers all over the world. This is a worrying phenomenon. Not only does it threaten to contaminate or wipe out local languages and cultures, but it also skews the socio-economic order in favour of those who are proficient in English. How should the non English-speaking...

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Cai in Dnsc

of solving the problem on individual differences of students in learning. In Davao City, an initiative to improve the English language proficiency of teachers and students in tertiary schools will be piloted at the University of Mindanao (UM) in Davao City and the Notre Dame University (NDU) of Cotabato City. The project is a partnership between the Promoting English Proficiency (PEP) Project spearheaded by the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, Inc. (AmCham) and its expanding group...

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The Decline in the Proficiency of English in Malaysia Has Reached an Alarming Level. Analyze the Cause and Effect. in Your Answer, You Should Include Suggestion to Deal with This Problem.

decline in the proficiency of English in Malaysia has reached an alarming level. Analyze the cause and effect. In your answer, you should include suggestion to deal with this problem. English has become an international language ever since the early 20th century. This clearly shows that English has become a very important role in the world especially to our country, Malaysia. What is English? English is a West Germanic language and it is widely used all around the world. English is also the 3rd...

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Speakers of English

Why is it difficult to decide how many speakers of English there are around the world today? Introduction A language is a socio-cultural aspect of any given society. It is important to note that languages tend to evolve thereby making it impossible to establish their evolutionary paths and developments. As a result, there have been enormous challenges in the attempt to establish the historical path of such languages. With English language, the situation becomes even worse simply because it is widely...

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Levels and Modes of Communication

reading, writing, listening, and speaking proficiencies are assessed individually. A four-skills approach will continue to be a useful model for assessment, as it is often necessary to avoid confounding performance on one dimension, such as listening, with skill in another area, such as reading. Assessing skills individually is desirable in situations where learners have acquired language in a variety of ways, and thus may not share common pathways to proficiency—often the case with adults. Evaluation...

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No Child Left Behind

state meant. You see the No Child Left Behind Act helps with 3rd the 12th graders; it also doesn’t discriminate against race. But it does include how their report cards are student achievement data broken out by race, ethnicity, gender, English language proficiency, migrant status, disability status and low-income status; as well as important information about the professional qualifications of teachers. So you see how the No Child Left Behind Act is helping out with everyone that needs it in school...

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Job Description

homelessness.  The residential component emphasizes incorporation of clinical treatment gains into a lifestyle of self-care and personal responsibility.     KEY REQUIREMENTS
 U. S. Citizenship Must pass pre-employment examination English Language Proficiency required Designated and-or Random Drug Testing required Background and-or Security Investigation required   The Licensed Practical Nurse provides general practical nursing duties to patients assigned to our Residential Recovery Treatment Program...

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ENGLISH READING PROFICIENCY OF NURSE LICENSURE EXAMINEES: IMPLICATIONS FOR LICENSURE TO PRACTICE A Thesis Proposal Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School University of the Philippines Manila In Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Degree of Masters in Health Professions Education by Timothy V. Escusa March, 2013 TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER I: INTRODUCTION Background of the Study.............................................................

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