English Language Proficiency of Second Year Students

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Language is the medium of communications and mechanism for social interaction. It is a vehicle of expression of thoughts, concepts, principles and cultural orientation. In fact, it is the most indispensable element of culture. It is never possible to understand the vitalities or components, as well as idiosyncrasies of another culture without its medium structure and medium of communication.

The English language as a dynamic medium of communication and second language of Filipinos is highly indispensable especially to some adults and to many students. It is also a discipline most tertiary students choose to major and teach not only in our own Philippine educational institutions but also in schools around the world.

It now surfaces that English is likened to a basic commodity which non English speaking men and women across countries want to acquire as another linguistic system as it has become the most pressing international language not only of trade and commerce, computer technology, and the only way by which lasting peace, justice, and alliance maybe socio-culturally, politically, and economically harbored. It is a necessity that is now significantly considered a prime element needed in transmitting and acquiring information demanded by the recently advocated economy for sustainable development.

The established set of measure of proficiency of learners to communicate across all macro-skills- listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing- is founded from adequate or substantial knowledge of the language areas.

Since communication necessitates insightful and dynamic expression of thoughts, this study is geared towards the direction of finding specific degrees of English language mastery of freshmen and sophomore students in terms of their grammatical competence or understanding of the linguistic codes within the target language.

Statement of the Problem
This study attempts to ascertain the level of English language proficiency of freshmen students. Specifically, as this study tries to explore the extent of the students’ intellect towards English language, it seeks to answer the following questions: 1. What is the profile of the respondents in terms of:

a. Age
b. Sex
c. Year/level when English was first learned
d. Type of school last attended
2. What is the language background of the students?
3. What is the level of proficiency of the respondents in learning English language on the following grammatical components of the English language? e. Syntactic Items
i. Form Classes/ Content Words
ii. Function Words
f. Semantic Components
iii. Lexical Meaning
iv. Syntactical Meaning
v. Word Order
vi. Identifying Errors

Significance of the Study
The researchers hope to generate adequate data and pieces of information pertaining to the level of proficiency of freshmen students. The researchers expect that the findings of this study will, to a great extent, contribute more of the amount of information useful to the following educators and scholars of language. Language Faculty. The findings of the researchers are expected useful to language teachers specifically serving as bases for enriching their syllabi, instructional materials, and language instructional plan. Curriculum Planners/Designers. Through this study, the curriculum experts are provided some concepts and information updates which are sound and contributory to enhance curriculum planning and designing. In particular, this research provides the curriculum planners and designers more authentic way to integrate practical skill-based contents as imperative components of English language vocabulary. Language Planners and Evaluators. The language planners are hoped benefited and helped in reconstructing more detailed, comprehensive language instructional plan for more efficient and effective...
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