English Proficiency

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  • Published : September 1, 2012
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This thesis presents the declining of English Proficiency of PNTC students. Followed by the problem statement and the aims of the study used in the data gathering. An assessment of the selection of participants as well as the instruments is included. This is followed also by a discussion used for data gathering, procedures and how it was conduct and analyzed. An evaluation follows with the conclusion thereafter.

In order to get the effectiveness, adaption and views of the students and teachers, we examine the development in the field of teachings and understandings. The study includes the role of the teachers to initiate the best teachings strategies, the achievement in improving the language skills and method for evaluating their quality and the validity of their outcomes.

English Proficiency is the biggest competitive advantage in the global job market today especially in maritime business. PNTC students needs improvement with their English tenses, grammar, vocabulary, speech and writing as we observed. It is fast being eroded with declining mastery of it by our college students.

Now, we are aiming to focus on the growth of English Proficiency as it continues to decline. As the students, are aiming to work also in international companies. Since, we know, things like international treaties, signing business contracts, job examinations and interviews are usually done in English. Employers in today’s global market want people to have a good qualification that are recognized all over the world and also high proficiency in spoken and written English.

PNTC (Philippine Nautical and Technological Colleges) is a private institution of higher learning and vocational college that has seriously been aware of this fact, and hence, remained keenly sensitive and faithful to the needs of time specifically in instruction in the fields of maritime and business education. The boom of...
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