• Lesson Plan in Biology
     Detailed Lesson Plan in Biology I.Objectives By the end of the lesson, the students should be able to: 1. Identify the basic structures within a cell and their respective functions. 2. Label the parts of a cell. 3. Appreciate the importance of various cell organelles....
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  • lesson plan
     A DETAILED LESSON PLAN IN ENGLISH III “SONG” I. OBJECTIVE:                 At the end of a 60-minute period, the students will be able to; a.        Define Lyrical Poetry as a song; b.       Appreciate the value of expressing feelings, thoughts and emotions through the powerful...
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  • lesson plan
    A Detailed Lesson Plan in Mathematics 5 I. Objectives At the end of the lesson, the pupils should: 1. Acquire the right method on how to round off decimals to the nearest tenths, hundredths, and thousandths. 2. Display feelings on how important is rounding off numbers through a...
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  • Lesson Plan
    Lesson Plan – Careers Course Standard: Use a variety of resources to gather information about careers. Grade Level: Eighth or ninth grade, Business or Career Development course Objectives of the lesson: As a result of this lesson, students will become familiar with a variety of career o
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  • Lesson Plan
    Lesson plan A lesson plan is a teacher's detailed description of the course of instruction for an individual lesson. A daily lesson plan is developed by a teacher to guide class instruction. The detail of the plan will vary depending on the preference of the teacher, subject being covered, and th
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  • Ell 5 Day Lesson Plan
    EDU 321 Teaching English Learners with Diverse Abilities Lesson Plan Name: Cheri Burke Grade Level: 8th Developmental Bilingual Education. Intermediate. “Oral and written production has usually expanded to sentences, paragraphs, and original statements and questions.” The learning t
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  • Lesson Plan
    Lesson Planning A lesson plan is a daily plan usually written as an outline or detailed statement by the teacher for the purpose of teaching students, sharing with colleagues and following up the particular lesson/s in her/his classroom. SMART Lesson Plans The success of the lesson will depe
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  • Lesson Plan
    Republic of the Philippines Mindanao State University College of Education Principles and Method of Teaching (Education 107 LESSON PLAN (Detailed) Presented to H. JAMILA MONTIA D. SARIP, Ph.D Presented by MOHAIMAH C. NASRUDIN October 9, 2011 I. OBJECTIVES: At the end of the l
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  • Lesson Plan Making
    LESSON PLAN Subject / Level (Spanish I, Exploratory French, German II) YOUR NAME GRADE Level (7th grade) (Electronic name of plan: YOUR LAST NAME, LP#, SEMESTER, COURSE) Class Size (24 students) Electronic Name Format: JONES LP1 FA07 M2 Setting: (Delete instructio
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  • Religion Creation Story Lesson Plan
    Lori-Ann Rapattoni EDER 309 October 31, 2012 “Woman Who Fell From the Sky” Lesson Plan This essay will present a cross-curricular lesson on a Native-American creation story/myth. It will be organized in four parts. These will include a detailed description of the topic, instructiona
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  • Bank Reconciliation Lesson Plan
    Lesson Plan – The Bank Reconciliation Statement General Objectives: Students will: 1. Account for differences between the cash book and bank statement balances. 2. Construct a bank reconciliation statement using the adjusted trial balance. Specific Objectives: Students will: Cognitive
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  • Lesson Plan
    son pöla Lesson Plan – The World Around Us Session leader/ teacher : Vanda Repka Substitue teacher: Réka Seress Place of the sesssion/period: Bp. ELTE TÓK Date/time of the session: Age group: 3-6 years Type of the activity: The active discovery of the world around us/ science
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  • Lesson Plan
    Lesson Plan : Alphabet Match Teacher Name: |  Kelsey Hasler | Grade: |  Kindergarten | Subject: |  Language Arts | Topic: |  The alphabet | Content: |  The structure for this cooperative learning lesson will be two students working together. I selected this structure because th
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  • Biology Lesson Plan Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes
    A Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan in BIOLOGY Date: January 22, 2013 Time: 7:30-8:30 Section: BSEd-2B I. Objective(s) At the end of the 60-minute period, at least 75% of the student’s should be able to: 1. Differentiate prokaryotic from eukaryotic cells. II. Subject Matter a. To
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  • What Is a Lesson Plan?
    What Is a Lesson Plan? by Melissa Kelly Definition: A detailed description of the individual lessons that a teacher plans to teach on a given day. A lesson plan is developed by a teacher to guide instruction throughout the day. It is a method of planning and preparation. A lesson plan traditiona
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  • Lesson Plan for Preschoolers
    Name__________________________________________ Total Score_____________ Lesson Plan for Preschool Theme (Focus): Weekly ______________________ Daily ________________________ Circle Time: (19 points) A. Title of your Greeting Song ______________________
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  • Discuss the Relationship Among the National Syllabus, the Schemes of Work and the Lesson Plan (Maxwell Constantine Chando Musingafi)
    Discuss the relationship among the national syllabus, the schemes of work and the lesson plan (Maxwell Constantine Chando Musingafi) Introduction The national syllabus for secondary school subjects is usually designed and developed centrally at national level by a government department but implem
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  • Lesson Plan in Teaching
    PLANING FOR AND LEARNING QUESTION (i) Why is it important to plan as a teacher before we go to teach? (ii) A scheme of work is one of the important tools as teacher plan our work for the term. Discuss the important factors we should consider when preparing scheme of work. Suggested sol
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  • My Lesson Plan
    Tips for Writing Objectives Available: http://www.okbu.edu/academics/natsci/ed/398/objectives.htm [pic] What are instructional objectives? • Instructional objectives are specific, measurable, short-term, observable student behaviors. • An objective is a description of a performance
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  • Lesson Plan
    [pic] Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature LALI-441 TEFL TEACHING ENGLISH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE TEFL Portfolio Task Descriptions & Criteria Evaluation Criteria: Your grade will be determined by how many marks you earn during the semester. Marks are based on the following
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