Sample Semi-Detailed Lesson Plan

Topics: Temperature, Medical thermometer, Rectum Pages: 5 (960 words) Published: December 21, 2012
Technological University of the Philippines
College of Industrial Education
Professional Industrial Education

Room CIE 203

I. Objectives
At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to:
1. Discuss the operation in taking body temperature
2. Value the importance of taking body temperature as an aid in home nursing 3. Calculate the rectal and axilla body temperature accurately

II. Subject Matter
A. Topic: Home Nursing Techniques
B. Sub-Topic: Taking body temperature
References: Effective Technology and Home Economics Series
By Julia Garcia Cruz
C. Aids and Devices:
* Visual Aids: Cartolina
White Board/ White Board Marker
* Equipment: Digital Thermometer
Oral Thermometer

III. Procedures:
A. Preparation
1. Daily Routine
a) Opening Prayer
b) Greetings
c) Checking of attendance

B. Review the Past Lesson
The teacher will ask the students about the previous topic discussed.
Guide Questions:
1. What is Home Nursing?
2. How can home nursing affect the patient’s recovery?

C. Presentation
1. Motivation
“Charades” a group game in which some of the students will try to guess a word or situation that is related to taking body temperature and home nursing, from the actions of another student who may not speak.

2. Definition of Terms
a) Body Temperature- refers to the degree of hotness or coldness of the body as shown by a thermometer. b) Thermometer- it is an instrument used for measuring temperature. The units used are degree Celsius (⁰C) or Fahrenheit (⁰F).

3. Lesson Proper
4.1. Introduction

An effective home nurse knows what to do with a patient and how to deal with his or her needs. This lesson will discuss on how to measure body temperature accurately, that can help speed up the patient’s recovery.

Our body’s normal temperature is more or less 37⁰C or 98.6⁰F. A rise in body temperature means fever and could indicate infection.

There are two kinds of Clinical Thermometer used to measure body temperature:

* Rectal Thermometer- has a more rounded bulb to protect the sensitive tissues of the rectum. This type of thermometer is ideal for babies and young children.

* Oral Thermometer- has an elongated bulb used in taking temperature from the armpit or from the mouth. This is popularly used for older children, adults and elderly who could tolerate a thermometer in the mouth or keep them snugly in the armpit.

Other instruments that measures body temperature:

* Digital Thermometer- is an instrument that measures body temperature from a finger. It is run by a battery. A beeper signals if the temperature is ready to be read through a quartz display. This can be used in taking the armpit (axilla) temperature.

* Thermograph strip- this is a strip of plastic with numbered black strip that change in colour when heated by contact with the body (the forehead). It can only be used indoors, away from things that give out heat. The strip changes colour when it stops (about 15 seconds), the temperature is read while still on the forehead.

* Thermo scan – an infrared ear thermometer that functions as a photo camera. This is inserted into the ear canal and surrounding tissues. The temperature is displayed in the screen in just one second.

General Principles in taking body temperature

1. Rectal temperature is about 1⁰F or .5⁰C higher because rectal veins in the area elevate the temperature slightly. Normal reading is 99.6⁰ F or 37.5⁰C so that in any reading, a corresponding 1⁰F or .5⁰C must be deducted to get the exact temperature.

- .5___
38.5⁰C is the actual temperature

2. Axilla temperature is about 1⁰F or .5⁰C lower as it is already located outside the body. So this needs to add 1⁰F or .5⁰C to any reading.
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