"Analyse The Impact Of Global Factors On Uk Business Organisations" Essays and Research Papers

Analyse The Impact Of Global Factors On Uk Business Organisations

Assignment questions: Specification of Assessment LO1 (Task 01): Understand the organisational purposes of business 1.1 Identify the purposes of different types of organisation 1.2 Describe the extent to which Siemens meets the objectives of different stakeholders D1 Critically evaluate the responsibilities of Siemens to meet stakeholders objectives. 1.3 Explain the responsibilities of Siemens and strategies employed to meet stakeholders. M1 Identify and find the mission and...

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Factor Analysis and Social Factors

Describe and analyse how political, legal and social factors are impacting upon the business activities for the same organisation used in P5 and their stakeholders and another contrasting organisations. And also Evaluate how future changes in economic, political, legal and social factors, may impact on the strategy of the specified organisation. P6,M3,D2 To do this, simply describe some of the important changes that are taking placing using appropriate facts and figures. You only need to examine...

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Global Factors Affecting Business

Global factors affecting business The way of running the business differs from country to country. The marketing, sales and technical skills are required to increase the productivity of business. Business in general is enhanced when people from different cultures find new approaches to old problems, creating solutions by combining cultural perspectives and learning to see issues from the viewpoint of others. Business Environment consists of factors influential to the business operations. These...

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Business Environment Assignment

| | | |BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business | |Unit Title: Business Environment | Rules and regulations: |Plagiarism is presenting somebody else’s...

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Business Environment

BTEC HND Business Assessment activity front sheet Assignment Title: Business Environment Unit: 1 Title: Business Environment Purpose: The aim of this unit is to provide learners with an understanding of different organisations, the influence of stakeholders and the relationship between businesses and the local, national and global environment. Learning Outcomes: LO1: understand the organisational purposes of businesses LO2: understand the nature of the national environment in which businesses operate...

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business environement

question (Task) is as follows: 1. Introduction (analyse the question – which theory is it trying to ask you to demonstrate?) 2. Underpinning Knowledge (write about the relevant theory/points) 3. Applied Knowledge (apply the theory/points you have written about in your underpinning knowledge to your case study/real life example) 4. Conclusion (summarise what you have written in 2 & 3 above). ASSIGNMENT REGULATIONS Please refer to the HND Business student handbook given at the beginning of your...

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Business Environment of Unilever

| Edexcel Level 5BTEC Higher National Diploma in BusinessASSESSMENT ACTIVITY : | | | | | Unit Name: | BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT | Unit Number: | 1 | Assignment Submission Date: | 29 April 2012 | Assessor: | VIVIEN ULU | Mode of submission: | LIVECAMPUS | Learning Outcomes To achieve a pass learners must demonstrate the ability to deal with each of the following outcomes and present these in report form – scripts will be checked against each of these: 1. Understand the organisational...

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Factors That Impact on and Influence the Organisation

Factors that impact on and influence the organisation The business environment is often an uncertain one, where managers are faced with many factors that impact on and influence the organisation. The micro-environment includes suppliers, customers and stakeholders, all of which influence the organisation directly. The macro-environment, however, includes factors that influence the organisation but are out of its direct control. The micro-environment is often determined by the industry the...

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Business Enviroment

HND Business Management Unit 1:Business Environment Outcome 1: Understand the organizational purposes of business. Outcome 2: Understand the nature of national environment in which the business operates Outcome 3: Understand the behaviour of organizations in their market environment Outcome 4: Assess the significance of global factors that shape national business environment Scenario Understanding the relationship between businesses and the environment within which the business operate...

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Strategic Management and Business

BTEC Level 3 in Business – Unit 1 – The Business Environment Context Think of a business as a ship on the high seas. The captain and crew of the ship are steering the ship on its journey but the ship is also affected by other influences such as the weather, tides and currents. The captain and crew have no control over these but they must be able to respond effectively to the intervention of events such as a storm in order for the ship to successfully complete its voyage. Just like a ship has...

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BTEC Business Level 3

in Business UNIT 1: The Business Environment Assignment Date issued: week beginning 16th September 2013 Date for final submission: end of week beginning 20th January 2014 Introduction You will already be familiar with organisations through having dealt with them as customers or employees. One of the aims of this unit is to help you to build on these experiences and learn to ‘walk in the shoes’ of owners, stakeholders and managers of organisations. ...

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Impacts of Global Warming in the UK

Impacts of Global Warming in the UK Current data for climate change suggest that global warming is taking place due to the enhanced greenhouse effect. If global temperatures continue to rise it will present a number of challenges in the future. Different countries will experience global warming differently depending on their location and level of development, but even within a country, there will be ‘winners and losers’. For example, in the UK Global Warming is good news for coastal resorts, especially...

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Paper for Business

BTEC HND (QCF Level 5) IN BUSINESS Unit 1: Business Environment Year: 2012 Learning Outcomes: 1. Identify the mission, objectives and responsibilities of an organisation within its environment 2. Investigate the economic, social and global environment in which organisations operate 3. Investigate the behaviour of organisations and the market environment 4. Explore the significance of international trade and the European dimensions for UK Business. Coursework Assignment: ...

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Identify the Purposes of Different Types of Organisations.

of it before 2.00 pm on 26 July 2013. Assessment Brief Unit Details: Unit Code: Business Environment (Unit 1) Programme Name: BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business Awarding body: Edexcel Unit Level (QCF): QCF-4 Academic term: May 2013 Assessment Brief Unit Details: Unit Code: Business Environment (Unit 1) Programme Name: BTEC Higher National Diploma (HND) in Business Awarding body: Edexcel Unit Level (QCF): QCF-4 Academic term: May 2013 ...

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Demographical Factors of Uk

Demographic Factors In the early days of consumer electronics, computers and telecommunication developed as separate, distinct industries. Digitization changed the rules of the game, demolishing walls, blurring the distinction between once separate industries and building a $ 300 billion industry. Changes are driven by wide spread internet usage, “on the go” life styles, cutting edge innovation and digital convergence. This multibillion Industry is run by key players such as Apple, Sony, Dell...

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of business, purpose and ownership of two contrasting businesses. P2 Describe the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of two contrasting businesses. P3 Describe how two businesses are organised. P4 Explain how their style of organisation helps them to fulfil their purposes. P5 Describe the influence of two contrasting economic environment on business activities within a selected organisation. P6 Describe how political, legal and social factors are impacting upon the business activities...

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Business Enviroment

eUnit Title: Business Environment 1.1 Identify the purposes of different type of organisation. There are four different type of business organisation in the private sector of the U.K. business, which is the sole traders, partnerships, companies and franchises. • The sole traders organisations is the most common business ownership found in wide range of activates in the U.K. like plumbing, cleaning service, electrical work, e.t.c. According to the times 100 business case studies In the U.K. about...

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Business Environment

L3 90 Credit Diploma in Business Unit 1 – The Business Environment Assignment Learning Outcomes – on completion of this unit you should; 1. Know the range of different businesses and their ownership 2. Understand how businesses are organised to achieve their purpose 3. Know the impact of the economic environment on businesses 4. Know how political, legal and social factors impact on business Task 1 – Submission Date 27/09/2012 You are working as a business journalist for the Express...

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Assignment Brief QCF Unit 1 Business En

Diploma in Business (L3) 1: The Business Environment Learner name Assessor name Date issued Hand in deadline Submitted on Assignment title Businesses and their Environments You have just been employed as a junior business researcher for a small business consultancy. As part of your initial training you will research two businesses. The Global McDonalds Corporation; and Isobel Hospice You will need to produce a booklet, and supporting material that describes each business and how it...

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Business Envrionment Assignment

Brighton School of Business and Management Limited Assignment Session: 2012- 2013 Edexcel BTEC Level 5 HND Business and Marketing Unit 1 Assignment: Business Environment Assignment Introduction The assignment is aimed at providing you with an understanding of different organisations, the influence of stakeholders and the relationship between businesses and the local, national and global environments. Learning outcomes On successful completion of this assignment you will be able to: 1 Understand...

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Hrm in Business Context

A Report on Influences and Developments in the External Environment that have an impact on HR policies and practices,using the framework of STEEPLE By Amartya Basu(Registration No-201283862). Date:2/12/2012 Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirement of the MSc Human Resource Management(Full-time) course. Acknowledgement: I would like to thank my teacher Mr. Chris Moore for his guidance and encouragement he has given me in writing this report. Abstract: This study is about...

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different businesses and their ownership . LO2 Understand how businesses are organised to achieve their purposes LO3 Know the impact of the economic environment on businesses LO4 Know how political, legal and social factors impact on business. Scenario: You work as a junior journalist for a newspaper which is planning to run a feature article on UK businesses. You have been asked to produce an article on two contrasting businesses covering purpose, ownership, organisational structure...

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The impact of UK policies on an organisation

characteristics of the UK economy, fiscal, monetary and competition polices can impact on an organisation. Within this report I hope determine in detail all the characteristics of the UK economy, government fiscal and monetary policies and how each one effects on the Tesco PLC organisation. I plan to give a clear and comprehensive look into each of the factors which build the UK economy and analyse and evaluate with strong evidence of application to theory throughout the report. The UK subscribes to a...

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Global Business Strategy 15 Credits

Level 7 Global Business Strategy 15 Credits Sample assignment Scenario You have been appointed as a market analyst in a small investment bank, which manages the wealth of many clients. One of your first tasks is to choose an organisation that operates internationally. This may be an investment opportunity for your employer, but you can choose a non-profit making organisation. In your role as a market analyst you will also need to understand the impact of globalisation on business organisations...

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Business Economics

economic downturn and competition from rival Costa Coffee deepened the UK losses of coffee chain Starbucks to £9.9m in the year to September 2009, compared with a pre-tax loss of £1.9m in the previous year. The tough trading climate in Western Europe was predicted last year by Starbucks chief executive Howard Schultz, who said: "Unemployment, the sub-prime mortgage crisis, and I think consumer confidence, particularly in the UK, is very, very poor." (Guardian.co.uk, 2010) However, a spokesperson...

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2013-14 BTEC Business Level 3 Unit 1 Assignment brief

Certificate: Business Assignment Brief Unit 1: The Business Environment (10 credits) Unit issue date: Thursday 20th September 2013 Unit deadline: Friday 25th October 2013 Assessor: Mrs S Nti Learning outcomes: 1. Know the range of different businesses and their ownership 2. Understand how businesses are organised to achieve their purposes 3. Know the impact of the economic environment on businesses 4. Know how political, legal and social factors impact on business. Context ...

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Business Environment. Hnd. Level 5 Essay

TASK 1: Understand the organisational purposes of businesses 1.1 Organisation is group inside the society that organises and distribute task to achieve certain goal through following some strategy. There are different types of organisation and below I will discuss the purpose of certain organisations. Public company: Public limited company is a social organisation which gives limited liability to its members. The objective of a public limited company do not only sets its own aim and purpose...

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Business Management - Factors Affecting Organisations

environment is made up of forces and factors that affect the organization performance, be it positively or negatively. To explain in greater detail, the external environment consists of two categories, the specific environment and the general environment. I shall use the Soup Restaurant Group Limited as an example. Specific environment comprise of four factors: customers, suppliers, competitors and public pressure groups. These factors directly affect or impact the organization and they influence...

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Understanding the Business Environment

Understanding the Business Environment Part A (100w) Company Name: Coca Cola Description: The Coca-Cola Company is the world's largest beverage company and is the leading producer and marketer of soft drinks. Today, Coca-Cola is consumed throughout the world at the rate of more than 600 million times per day and this figure is continuing to rise. However, Coca-Cola is not the sort of company to live on its past glories; instead it looks to the future as a challenge and constantly seeks new markets...

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Economic Integration and Global Markets to Uk Business Organizations

of international trade---------------------3 Economic integration and global markets to UK business organizations-----------------------------------------4 The impact of two policies of the European Union on UK business organizations------------------------------------5 The impact of fiscal policies on the UK business------------5 The impact of monetary policy on the UK business---------6 The economic implications for the UK of entry into EMU--------------------------------------------------------------------6 ...

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Business Environment

international trade to UK business organizations International trade is the exchange of capital, goods and services across international borders or territories (Wikipedia.org). It is vital to the economy of a country since it may benefit a significant share of gross domestic product (GDP). Without international trade, the UK organizations would be limited to sell its goods and services only within their own border. Therefore, International trade is vital to the UK economy as it can sustain UK economics’...

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Marketing Micro and Macro Environmental Factors

is that it is a component of global environmental analysis. While analyses are typically carried out on the macro environment, the micro environment still has an important role to play. In summary, the macro environment is involved with the industries, companies, markets, clients and competitors, while the micro environment can be represented by the suppliers, competitors and customers. Macro Environment These are the major external and uncontrollable factors that influence an organization's...

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Electronic Commerce and Global Impact

BTEC Level 4/5 HNC/HND in Computing and Systems Development Assignment 2012-13 Unit 1 – business skills for e-commerce Student Name: | | Assignment: | Assignment 2 – ‘E-Solutions’ – The Impact of E-Commerce | Hand Out Date: | W/B 24 September 2012 | Hand In Date: | W/B 21 January 2013 | Assessor: | Sue Brandreth | Internal Verifier: | Paula Hobday | This assignment brief has been verified as fit for purpose:- IV Signature: IV Date: | Grading...

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Describe the Influence of Two Contrasting Economic Environments on Business Activities Within a Selected Organisation

P5-Describe the influence of two contrasting economic environments on business activities within a selected organisation Within my selected organisation, Tesco, there are 2 important economic environments that have an influence on business activities. Both economic environments will have a different way on affecting Tesco. The economic environments are growth and recession. Economic growth occurs when more goods are being produced and consumed, and incomes are rising. A growth company tends to...

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Pestel: Management and Factors

to an organisation. Word count: Total: 1103 PESTEL analysis. There are a lot of different factors that might influence These factors can be internal and external. Nowadays any business should...

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External and Internal Factors Effecting a Business

International Factors Affecting Patton Group Changes in the international economic environment have an effect on the Patton Group in a variety of different ways. Some changes can have quite a large and significant impact. For example, a change in oil prices will have a large knock-on effect on the Patton Group, as they, like every other company in industrialised nations, require oil to run their machinery and vehicles in order to work effectively. Uncertainty about oil creates a concern that countries...

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Understanding Organisations

asked to both analyse as well as identify changes in the business environment over the years and how this has affected the pub chain Wetherspoons. I will look into things such as the competative and external environment whilst finding key factors which are affecting the organisation. Meanwhile the company’s competitive strategies will be investigated. 2. PEST – External Environment I have been told to analyse the external environment and from this identify the key factors which are affecting...

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The Global Impact of Child Poverty

The Global Impact of Child Poverty Child poverty has affected every area of child’s development in developing countries whether it is social, educational or personal. Child poverty refers to children who live in state of poverty. The children from poor backgrounds and orphans are raised usually with limited state resources. These children fail to meet acceptable standard of life. Usually, in developing countries these children suffer more hardship and poverty because their family has been living...

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Business Environment: International Trade, Economic Integration and Global Market to Business Organisation

world as producers in various nations make profit from market expansion than limited selling within their own region, the importance economic integrations between different state, nation and how the importance of global marketing integrates across various countries in business organisation International trade is the exchange of capital goods and services between countries, trade that gives rises to countries economy, which enhances domestic competitiveness, increases on sales and profits. It represents...

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Cultural Issues in Knowledge Management – a Case Study of Unilever Global

Management – a case study – Unilever Global 2012 Outline I. Abstract II. Keywords III. Introduction IV. Literature Review V. Aim of Research and Research Questions VI. Methodology and Research Sample VII. Practical Applications VIII. References Abstract This proposal is presented to examine the cultural factors that influence knowledge management in Unilever global. The intended outcome of the study is a list of factors that Unilever management can use to...

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The Role and Involvement of Senior Management in Determining and Executing Strategic Information System in a Global Organisation.

system in a global organisation. | | | | | Introduction This essay will analyse the roles and involvement of senior management in determining and executing strategic information system in a global organisation. This will...

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 Business is an economic activity and decision making by the management is an economic process. It will be influenced by economic and non economic environment of business. You will appreciate that the business environment is quit complex, with heterogeneous elements in the environment. A manager must understand and analyse this process of interaction. In particular, you must note that all non-economic, environmental variables have economic implications, and that is why...

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Business Organisations and Operations Assignment

Business Organisations and Operations Assignment Task 1 Differences between types of organisations Sole trader: is the simplest way to run a business - it does not involve paying any registration fees, keeping records and accounts is straightforward, and you get to keep all the profits. However, you are personally liable for any debts that your business runs up, which make this a risky option for businesses that need a lot of investment. Partnerships: consist of two or more partners who are...

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The Purpose Of This Essay Is To Analyse Sociocultural And Technological Factors Using The Example Of Starbucks Company And How These Factors Will Have An Impact On The Managers Of This Organisation

The purpose of this essay is to analyse sociocultural and technological factors using the example of starbucks company and how these factors will have an impact on the managers of this organisation. “An organization is a deliberate arrangement of people to accomplish some specific purpose.” (Robbins & Coulter, 2005) Starbucks was founded in 1971 and has established it and has become the reference in coffee making. “Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse company in the world, with 23,305 stores in...

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Explaining the Impacts of Globalisation on Service Economies in the Uk

Explain the impacts of globalisation on service economies in the UK In explaining the impacts that globalisation has had upon service economies in the UK, the concepts, 'globalisation' and 'service economy' must first be defined. MacKinnon & Cumbers (2011) defined globalisation as "… the increased connections … in flows of goods, services, money, information and people across national and continental borders.". The globalisation process may be decomposed into constituent processes in order to...

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Global Business

Detailed Assignment Information: Global Business Assignment 1: | Administrative Details | | Submission Date: 9th January 2013 (midnight): online submission | | Work will be marked out of | 100 | | Absolute value of work | 50% | | Submission Details | | The assignment should be word processed and/or in an electronic format which can be accessed through the technology available on campus. Make sure that you enter your student enrolment number at the top of the document. ...

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Essay on Business Ethics

Business Ethics An Informative Report for Owners, Managers and Leaders of Organisations in Emerging Markets Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 3 2. Introduction 4 3. Approach and Methodology 5 4. What is Business Ethics? 5 5. Why is Business Ethics Important? 6 6. The Approach to Business Ethics 7 7. Conclusion 8 8. References 9 1. Executive Summary There are many factors to consider when a company does business with another. Many global businesses give...

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Factors Affecting Recruitment and Training in International Business

Explain some of the factors which may affect recruitment and training in an international business. Recruitment and training are two essential and unavoidable aspects of multinational firms. International businesses have designed their recruitment policies around either selecting Parent country nationals (PCN) also known as home country nationals; a citizen of the country where the multinational resides, host country nationals (HCN) or local people hired by a multinational or third country nationals...

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Uk Supermarket

1.0 INTRODUCTION “Today’s strange, new business world needs an augmented model of industry and market analysis that reflects recent developments in industry dynamics, such as globalization, entrepreneurship, technological advances and the internet” (Slater & Olson, 2002). 2.0 PORTERS FIVE FORCES MODEL FOR UK SUPERMARKET INDUSTRY Supermarkets’ performance is reliant on consumer’s income and their willingness to spend. The growing consumer pressure to drive value, quality and taste requires companies...

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Unit 1 P6 Describe How Political, Legal and Social Factors Are Impacting Upon the Business Activities of the Selected Organisations and Their Stakeholders

political, legal and social factors on the activities of Coca-Cola Enterprises Ltd and Croydon Health Services NHS. The report also identifies how the aforementioned factors may affect its stakeholders. All businesses will be affected by factors in its environment. The following are the 3 main factors affecting businesses; 1. Social Factors Social factors refer to the changes in the lifestyle, behavior, attitudes and tastes of different societies. Social factors may affect the two businesses...

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HND Organisations & Behaviour L01

 HND BUSINESS UNIT 3 – ORGANISATIONS & BEHAVIOUR L01 Report on Burberry CONTENTS Page Task 1 – Understand the relationship between organisational structure and culture Executive Summary……….…….……………………………………………………………………………………..…………….1 1.1 Compare and contrast organisational...

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business environment

Introduction Organisations have a variety of purposes that depend on why they were established. The majority operates for profits others, just for improve quality life of the community. Businesses operate in an environment shaped by the consumers, the Government, suppliers and International factors. It’s my job now explain and understand how organisations shaped with the environmental factors and determine strategies and a modus operandi that allow them to meet their organizational purposes...

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Business Organisation

Task 1 (P1, P2, P3): P2, P3: To start a business we need to figure out what is going to be our mission statement, the mission statement is the main purpose of a business. For example, you and your friend decided set up a business. Whatever the business is you need to have a purpose of it, otherwise it’s not going to be beneficial or it will be difficult to run this business. If the business is based on selling bikes than purpose or the mission statement would be to sell the product with good profit...

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The Impact of E-Business on an Organisation

Oxford Brookes University Research and Analysis Project (RAP) E-Business: The impact of e-business on an organisation CONTENTS Part 1: Project Objective and Overall research approach 1.1. Introduction 1.2. Why e-business 1.3. Company Profile 1.4. Industry Profile 1.5. Aims and Objectives of the Report Part 2: Information gathering and accounting/business techniques * Sources used * Methods of Analysis * Limitations of Analysis ...

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The Strategic Role of Human Resources Management in Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility in Business Organisations in Zimbabwe

THE STRATEGIC ROLE OF HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT IN PROMOTING CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IN BUSINESS ORGANISATIONS IN ZIMBABWE 1. InTRODUCTION This study will critically analyse how industry in Zimbabwe is exploiting the strategic role of Human Resources Management in promoting Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives in order to give their business organizations competitive advantage. This introduction presents a context of the research proposal and helps to clarify how fulfilment of...

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The Current State of Skoda’s Business in the Uk

situation of Skoda in the UK using the SWOT analysis. · analyze the business environment of Skoda in the UK by using the PESTLE analysis in detail. · create the possible strategies for Skoda’s future development based on the analysis. Company Overview With twenty years development supported by Volkswagen, Skoda achieved a new high record of sales for 45282 vehicles in the UK, which occupied over 5% of the whole sales volume of the brand. In the market of the UK, Skoda has launched seven models...

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Business Ethics - impact of the stakeholders

Business ethics- impact of the stakeholders As we all know stakeholders have a huge impact on the business but it works both ways. The business and its ethical behaviour also affect the stakeholders and the business itself. Today I am going to evaluate the impact of Sainsbury’s ethical behaviour on its stakeholders and the business. In 2007 Sainsbury has acted very unethically. They sold around 20,000 cotton bags made by well-known designer. They wanted to make it fashionable to use cotton...

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Factors Necessary to Achieve Global Awareness

The different factors necessary to achive the global awareness for the marketing to get succeed are(source:Catora & Graham page 17 chapter1) the followings • Need to have tolorence for cultural differences • Need to have knowledge regarding the below parameters  Culture  History  World Market potential  Global Economics  Social Trends  Political Trends • Personal Relationships across globe The culture is a belief which is ingredient in day to day life of the people of a particular...

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Discuss the Global Impact of E-Commerce on Society.

P 2.2 Discuss the global impact of e-Commerce on society. Ans Positive effects of e-commerce on society * Convenience * Helpful for disables and aged people * Time saving * Information availability * Helpful for new business * Jobs for society * 24 hour service * Available niche products * Disintermediation * Environment friendly Negative effects of e-commerce on society * Unemployment * Increase in crime * Health...

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Pestel: Economics and Factors

marketers to analyse and monitor the macro-environmental(external marketing environment) factors that have an impact on an organisation. The result of which is used to identify threats and weaknesses which is used in a SWOT analysis. PESTEL stands for: * P – Political * E – Economic * S – Social * T – Technological * E – Environmental * L – Legal Lets look at each of these macro-environmental factors in turn. All the external environmental factors (PESTEL factors) Political...

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