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"On the Lighter Side"
If the K-12 Education Plan becomes successful, then the Philippine education system can become more competitive among other countries countries around the world. Though there are still some problems that the government needs to solve before they can successfully implement the plan. The proposed program is good but it still won't work if the needed elements to make it work isn't present. Such elements includes the addressed problems mentioned above, especially the number of public school classrooms plus the adequate supply of classroom chairs, books, etc. If the government could allot a bigger budget to educational needs, then we could be one-step ahead towards the success of the K-12 program. Furthermore, parents (especially those who belongs in the poor sector) should be properly informed and motivated of the advantages of the K-12 Education Plan. This is very important since parents plays a major role in providing the child's school allowances, supplies, and fees for other school projects and activities. Add to that the support of parents towards their children in terms of guidance and teaching. Once this succeeds, it is best hoped that Filipino students would be more literate, skilled, and competitive to be able to find jobs more easily and contribute to the country's pride as well as the country's economy. As speculations continue of what the K-12 Education Plan will specifically be, it is still best to hear the full details of the proposal this upcoming October 2010.

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