Improving Students' Relationships with Teachers to Provide Essential Supports for Learning

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  • Published : January 29, 2013
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I. Chapter I

A. State of the Problem:

This study sought to determine the perceived effect of K-12 curriculum to child’s behavior in connection with their studies. Specifically, this study attempts to find the answer to the following questions or sub-problems. These are:

1. What is the rationale for this program?
2. What is the vision of the program?
3. What is K-12 curriculum all about?
4. Who will be affected by this program?
5. What are the benefits of this program?
6. What will this mean for students and their future?

B. Importance of the study
This study determined the perceived effect that we can get from the new curriculum K-12. The study also determines the advantages and disadvantages of the said curriculum. The outcome of this study will be relevant to the society because this would give them another groundbreaking opportunities to let their children go to school and to let them try the new curriculum to have a better learning for a better future.

C. Definitions of Terms:
Groundbreaking- Characterized by originality and innovation Perceived - To become aware of directly through any of the senses, especially sight or hearing. Relevant- Bearing upon or connected with the matter in hand

D. Method and Procedures:
The questionnaire was used by the researcher in the study. Questionnaires were distributed among the members of the group and had them answered questions concerning about the quality, benefits, advantages and disadvantages of the said curriculum. Frequency distribution was used as a statistical to determine the result of the questionnaire.

II. Chapter II
Brief History of K-12 curriculum
As early as 1925, studies have observed the inadequacy of the basic education curriculum. As one of the most well studied reforms, recommendations of either adding or restoring grade or adding an extra year to basic education have been put forward. Monroe Survey (1925) Secondary...
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