Common Errors in Our Perception of Other People

Topics: Illusion, Anxiety, Perception Pages: 4 (1543 words) Published: August 12, 2008
perception—the awareness or apprehension of things by sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste that refer to information gathered by our senses to understand the world around us and give meaning to the environment. One’s likes, dislikes, biases, motives, interests, experiences and expectations influence it. We may interpret information correctly or in a distorted manner. It is the active process of sensing reality and organizing it into meaningful views or understanding. \ I think the common errors in our perception of other people are illusion and hallucination. An erroneous perception of reality or an erroneous concept or belief will lead people in wrong way. The previous section outlined the initial plausibility of the ordinary conception of perception—“openness to the world”—which is challenged by the arguments from illusion and hallucination. The other large assumption which generates the problem of perception is that illusions and hallucinations are possible. One way to dissolve the problem would be to deny the possibility of these phenomena. To deny that illusions are possible would be to deny that we could have experiences when it appears as if an object has a property which it does not have in reality. This is not a popular way to deal with the problem, as there are plausibly many examples of such experiences. Consider the example mentioned above when an object can in certain conditions of illumination appear to have a colour which is different from its real colour. Assuming for the sake of argument that colours are real properties of objects, this is a clear case where something appears to have a property which it does not really have. (For many other examples, see Perkins 1983; Robinson 1994: 31; Smith 2002: 22–25). Where illusions are concerned, the main issue is not the existence of the phenomena, but their significance. So, now the question arises whether we should perceive the things or we should believe in fact. Let me give an example : we all want...
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