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School Reform Policy
Natasha Space
Seminars in Teacher Leadership, EDU 558
Week 3, Assignment 1

School Reform Policy

School reform includes a number of programs and policies. A reform normally changes or affects the way a school is ran; there are two types of reforms; one deals with curriculum the other administration. Today, many school reforms are driven by the idea that U.S. students need to be more competitive. To retain this country's international leadership, our schools must prepare all students to be productive in the world marketplace. In a highly competitive world economy, business leaders are concerned about the future of our workforce. Educators think we expect too little from our children. Basic skills are no longer enough. Students need not only to have a good understanding of the core academic subjects, they must also be able to solve problems, make decisions, and be prepared for responsible citizenship and productive employment in our nation's modern economy (What does School Reform means to my neighborhood Schools?, 2010). The purpose of the paper is to discuss standard school base reform; its beginning and how it affects the students today. During the 1980 President Regan decided to abolish the Federal Department of Education and to turn education back into the hands of the localities and the state. During these years there were also dramatic changes in ideas about the purposes and content of schooling. By the end of Regan terms school researchers came to the conclusion that basic skills was no longer sufficient enough to be competitive globally. They contended that teaching should be more deeply rooted in the disciplines and much more demanding. Teachers should be able to help students understand mathematical concepts, interpret serious concepts, write creatively and converse thoughtfully about science and history. Reformer proposed changes in politics and policy’s to achieve these goals (Ladd, nd)...
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