High School and Grade Point Averages

Topics: High school, Education, School Pages: 2 (453 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Essay # 3 Issue A
Rachel Jones

What do you think are the obstacles facing K-12 education that may prevent them from being adequately prepared to enter college? What specific actions or programs would you recommend to better prepare them to attend college. We encourage you to create your own unique ideas.

Schools today are trying to adequately prepare us for college, but we are still faced with obstacles that prevent us from being prepared. These obstacles may not be a major concern, but with time they teach us the easy way of life. All students face peer pressure, there a certain kinds the school can help prevent. Schools do not always separate classes by rank or future plans. Classes are made up of groups of friends that pressure each other to disrupt the other students. Doing so takes the students attention away from what the teacher is saying and their work. If the classes were divided by grade point averages, the students that didn’t care would not be in a class with students who do care. Therefore they could learn better and be more prepared. Schools in today’s society are made up of the students who spend their time studying and students that are involved in extracurricular activities. The ones who spend their afternoons practicing and not doing their work slowly fall behind. Many students miss a lot of school and school work due to events happening during school. They are given several days to do make-up work. This puts the idea in their head that school doesn’t come first. When truth is told, college life does not work that way. If an hour a day were set aside for studying, nothing else happening. It would give the students more time to study at school, As well giving the students their work before they miss a class for events, would prevent them from falling behind. This would also show that grades are not handed out to these students and that school does come first. There are some classes that help prepare students for...
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