Why Quality Early Chi

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Why quality early childhood education is important

All parents want to find a good centre to so let their children can be happy and well looked after. So the importance and benefits of quality early childhood education is very important.

Quality education is very important because it can encourage, support and improve children’s development. It is the base of the early childhood education and will also allow every early childhood center to achieve their goals. Centers can give the children lots of good planning of learning programs and a safe and healthy environment to children to play, learn and develop in all parts of the centre.

High quality education teachers will be well-trained staff, they will know about young children’s growth, development and feelings (Sims, Guilfoyl & Parry, 2006). A quality early childhood service will have a safe, healthy environment, where the children have plenty of space indoors and out doors. Therefore, high quality education services will have good quality equipment and safe playing space (Early Childhood Development, 2001).

Fresh and nutritious food is also important, high quality teachers should not give them sweet food and drinks, because they are not only bad for children’s healthy but also have a negative effect on children’s behavior ( Early Childhood Education Development, 2002). The teachers in a quality education service know a lot about children. They should have good relationships and good communication with children from the interaction and also teachers can give more attention to every child in a small size group, so children will feel warm and secure to stay in this environment (Early Childhood Development, 2001).

Quality education is not only good for children but also good for parents. The parents can know more information about their child from teacher, they can support each other to improve children’s learning and development. Parents will...
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