I Hate School

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  • Published : April 25, 2011
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Cause and Effect Essay
I Hate School
Sugaa Ahmed
ECPI College of Technology

What Bullying Dose
Bullying in school effects a students life beyond school only. It effects the student being bulled and the student bullying. Their are long-term effects and short-term effects. Bullying should be taken seriously because it causes serious problems not only for the child being bulled but for also the bully him self.

Being bullied is very stressful for children. Many bullying victims are shy to talk about their experiences making it even harder to help them. While children can learn to ignore and not be bothered by bullies, they are usually stressed out when bullies attack them. The kids bullied usually loose their self esteem, start having trouble in school, and withdraw from friends and activities. If it is not stopped and continues for long enough, children can suffer these problems for the rest of their lives.

Children being bullied can suffer from long-term effects of bullying if it was severe enough. Children being bullied are more likely to have social and depression issues later in life. Children who were constantly bullied may have a hard time forming friendships and fitting in with others throughout their lives. Most bullying victims suffer no long-term effects of bullying but it can happen if nothing is done to stop the bullying before they loose their confidents completely.

Bullies usually have their own problems that cause them to pick on others and if they are allowed to continue bullying these problems may never be resolved. Bullies often have friends but these relationships are destructive and only help to keep bullying. The effects of bullying on bullies are usually frequent trouble in school and at home, witch makes the bully more. Bullies can also suffer long term problems if they are allowed to continue bullying others.

One knows bullies got to a extreme point when they hear all these different stories of these teens who commit...
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