Bullying: High School and American Sociological Association

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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Cullen Driscoll
Mr. Champi
Effects of bullying on high school students

Bullying is a serious problem. Stopping bullying is so important that I’m in writing this entire essay in bold to emphasize the importance of stopping bullying. Bullying has only negative effects, with no positive ones. Bullying causes high school students to feel like outcasts and weirdoes. Bullying can lead to depression and possibly suicide. Nothing is more negative than death.

Bullying can damage high school student’s self esteem. That can cause them to hate themselves, or leave them feeling empty. Bullying can also cause kids to snap and turn violent like that kid in Ohio. Bullies often leave their victims feeling worthless, or scarred emotionally or physically. A recent study by the American Sociological Association showed that students who were bullied GPA (grade point average) decreased an average of 0.049 points (out of 4).

Bullying also shows kids that it is okay to pick on someone for being different. In real life that is not okay. It is called racism, prejudice, and being an unlikeable jerk. There is nothing more cowardly than a bully. A negative bullying effect is that it makes kids fear being themselves. Everybody should be able to be who they are without fear of being punished for it. Bullying should be stopped. It is an abomination in which kids punch, ridicule, and degrade each other. It has caused a countless number of teen suicides, and even more teens to cut themselves. Bullying is extremely negative on high school students.
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