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Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Victimisation Pages: 1 (297 words) Published: January 21, 2013
Bullying is a huge problem in schools, communities, and homes. Bullying doesn't just happen at a certain age, but it happens at any age. Bullying happens all over the world and is a huge problem that's happening around the world. After The Vietnam War the Australians hated the Vietnamese. " It took 521 Australian lives and left many soldiers with permanent disabilities" (the Vietnam war). The Australians lost the most people ever in this war. After that war any Vietnamese person would have gotten bullied. bullying causes suicide. Because it makes you feel bad about yourself.It makes you feel like you are incapable and/or undeserving of being loved and standing up for yourself.When a bully does something to embarrass you everyone sees it and that makes you feel like a failure.It makes you feel inadequate.It doesn't cause just depression.It makes you hate yourself and others and maybe even the world for tolerating such behavior.

If you thought that the effects of bullying disappear as soon as your child gets out of school, you are horribly mistaken. Social bullying like circulation of rumors and gossiping could prove to be more harmful than bruises or black eyes suffered in a school fight. The psychological effects of this social type of bullying extend long beyond the school days and linger into early adulthood. This leads to depression and anxiety even when the victim has attained adulthood.

Recent studies reveal that there is a connection between “relational victimization" in adolescence and depression and anxiety in early adulthood. Instead of going physical, like threatening a child with physical violence, social bullying tries to undermine a child's social standing and relationships by making them pariahs, keeping them out of social activities or spreading rumors that can hurt.
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