Bullies and There Victums

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Victim Pages: 4 (1382 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Laura Heine
Prof. Taitano
English comp 1.16
18 February 2013
Children and Their Bullies: Defend Themselves or Not
W.E Jacobs and Maureen McMahon in their article “Counterpoint: School Children Should Learn to Defend Themselves against Bullies” from the Points of Reference Center expresses why they believe that children should be able to defend themselves from bullies. Jacobs and McMahon argue that bullying is everywhere and has two aspects which is the victim that is supposed to act a certain way to the bully and the bully who shows the aggression. Most of the bullying going on now a days has to do with children, mostly in schools or on social networking. Many people do want to stop this such as teachers and parents but they are unable to because it doesn’t happen around them (Jacobs and McMahon np). Bullying happens when they are not around either of them people and also some kids are too scared to tell their parents because they don’t know how they will act nor do they know if they will stop getting bullied or if it would happen more. The victims of such actions need to understand that they can get out of that situation and also that they can sometimes do it by themselves because being bullied can mess a child up in the long run(Jacobs and McMahon np). The child can become antisocial or become very insecure about themselves, which no child deserves to go through all their lives. Not only do the people that get bullied become very distressed but also the people who witness the action happening can become very uncomfortable and stressed. This isn’t fair to the witnesses either because it can mess with their physical, mental, psychological and social well beings, along with the victim’s well being too. These problems with the victims and witnesses well beings can have a long term effect which isn’t good for either of them (Jacobs and McMahon np). Some of these situations lead to physical threats which are the one of the most common types of bullying....
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