A Taste for Italy

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A taste for Italy

ERIC LOMANDO has done it again. The talented, young chef-restaurateur, has added a rustic Italian spot, ‘Italiano’ in the heart of Benoni to his collection of many other kinds or restaurants. The restaurant serves all types of Italian foods, they’ve got a policy called you name it, “we serve it” which is great because not everyone likes hunting through a menu searching for what they want, or worse, the menu doesn’t contain what you would like.

The new restaurant, which opened in February, is in a lovely building from about 1824 that has been home to many restaurants. The building gives “Italiano” a number of small, charming dining areas: a nook with a table for two, a front room with four tables and a narrow space between the door and the bar with one long table for 8 to 10.One of the great perks of this restaurant is that although it has a liquor license, dinners may bring they own wine if they wish to do so.

The main dining room, which looks as rustic as the rest of the house. Floors throughout the building are plank or earthenware tile. The food reflects the décor: rustic and earthy, with some innovative notes. The meal gets off to a good start with crusty bread from Jurita Bakery, paired with assertive olive oil. I particularly love meatballs and the serving consisted of three huge, tasty meatballs in a lush tomato sauce atop creamy polenta was homey and appealing. Diners may choose pasta as either a starter for R25 or a main course for R75. If spaghetti with clams is offered, go for it. The clams were plump and tender

All in all the service was great, with some waiters learning the Italian accent, which contributes to the whole Italian look and feel. My only complaint would be that the restaurant doesn’t accept credit card payments so you’re going to have to stop at the ATM before visiting this place.

Rating. 4/5 stars
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