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and Beverage Services (FBS) NC II Free Reviewer
Types of Services
Banquet (Bukcet) Service
• For group of person
• Fixed price
• e.g. typical function
Family Service
• Food are prepared in the kitchen and served in platter in the table • Started by head of the family
English Service
• Private dinner
• Typical private dinner
• Fine dining set-up
• w/ Wine service
Luriat Service
• A plate with rice, meat, vegetable & dessert
• Big plate with complete meal
Apartment/ Blue Plate Service
• Similar with family service, difference is location
• Located in apartment
Tray Service
Types of Menu
1. A la Carte - combo meal
2. Table d' Hote - Specific Menu w/ specific price
Classes of Menu
1. Special party - e.g. weddings, baptismal
2. Cycle - preparation of food is combination of lunch and dinner Menu Functions
1. Breakfast
2. Morning/ A.M. Snack
3. Brunch (Breakfast + Lunch)
4. Lunch
5. Afternoon/ P.M. Snack (2 - 3 P.M.)
6. Merienda Cena (5 P.M.)
7. Dinner
8. Midnight Snack
Food Sequence
1. Appetizer
2. Soup
3. Salad
4. Main Course/ Entrée
5. Dessert
6. Beverages
Silverwares: Spoon
• Sugar spoon - a piece of cutlery used for serving granulated sugar. This type of spoon resembles a teaspoon except that the bowl is deeper and often molded in the shape of a sea shell, giving it the name sugar shell. Sugar spoons are sometimes called "sugar shovels" because of their rectangular shape and deep bowl. · Ice Cream Spoon

• Dessert spoon — intermediate in size between a teaspoon and a tablespoon, used in eating dessert and sometimes soup or cereals. • Teaspoon — small, suitable for stirring and sipping tea or coffee, standard capacity one third of a tablespoon. Examples: o Grapefruit spoon or orange spoon — tapers to a sharp point or teeth, used for citrus fruits and melons o iced tea spoon/ Long tea spoon — with a very long handle • Soup spoon — with a large or rounded bowl for eating soup. Example: o cream-soup spoon —...
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