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  • Published : January 14, 2013
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MorningSeasonal Fresh Fruit PlatterFRasin Bread & CrumpetsBFruit & Savoury PlatterFEnglish MuffinsBSavoury Cheese SconesB SnackIncluding; apple, banana,Toppings include; butter, jamIncluding; apple, banana,BToppings include; jam,with Fruit Platter.F

organe, watermelon,& vegemite.sultana, dried apricot,Dvegemite, cottage cheese.Including; apple, grapes,D
pineapple & strawberry.cheese, carrot sticks & oranges & cantelope.
rice crackers.
DrinkMilk & WaterDMilkDWaterMilk & WaterDBanana & StrawberryD
Including; banana,
strawberry,milk & yoghurt.
LunchAssorted SandwichesBSpagetti BolognaiseBVegetable & Lentil BakeVSlow Cooked Lamb &MATuna & Spinach PieMA
Fillings include; vegemite,MAIncluding; tomato, carrot,MAIncluding; lentils, eggs,MAVegetable CasseroleVIncluding; tuna, cheese,V
ham & cheese,chicken &peas, mince,garlic,onion,Vcheese, carrot, onion,Including;lamb, tomatoonion, spinach,egg.
avocado.zucchini & pasta.capsicum, zucchini.pumpkin, celery, carrots,
Bread Includes; wholemeal,potato.
white & turkish.
DessertHome made custard &DFrozen Yoghurt with MixedFPikletes with jam & BFruit Salad & YoghurtFApple Baked CustardF
stewed pears.FBerries (strawberry, blueberryDyoghurt.Including; peach, pear,DD
& blackberry.apricot, apple, pineapple.
DrinkMilk & WaterDWaterMilk & WaterDWaterMilk & WaterD AfternoonZucchini & Carrot MuffinsBSeasonal Fresh Fruit PlatterFBanana & Sultana MuffinsBSavoury Platter with DipsBBaked Beans with GratedB TeaVIncluding; pear, mandarin,FIncluding; hommus, tzatzki,VCheese on Toast Fingers.

cantelope, grapes & kiwi fruit.carrrot sticks, celery sticks,
red capsicum & wholegrain
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