Hcr Week 5

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CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) codes are broke down into three different categories. Even though each category is easy to remember the names it can be difficult to remember what codes are included with each of those categories. The names of categories are Category I¸ Category II and Category III. Each category is related to different types of codes.

Category I codes have five digits with no decimals and are used the most often. Each code has a descriptor which describes what each code represents. These codes represent procedures that are consistent with contemporary medical practice and are widely performed. Both doctors and outpatient providers use Category I codes. There are six different sections of category I codes – they are as follows: 1. Evaluation and Management

2. Anesthesiology
3. Surgery
4. Radiology
5. Pathology and Laboratory
6. Medicine
An example of Category I code
* 99204 office visit for evaluation and management of new patient Buzz word for Category I codes
Common - Category I codes are the most used category therefore this is the common category, we can refer to it by common codes Category II Codes are used to track performance measures for a medical goal. These codes are optional and are not paid by insurance carriers. Category II Codes contain an alphabetic character for the fifth digit. An example of Category II code

* 0004F – Tobacco use cessation intervention, counseling Buzz word for Category II codes
Optional – Category II codes are optional codes that can be used to track performance of a patient. This could be performance of losing weight, quick smoking, maintaining blood sugar levels. This is just a few things that a doctor may track. These codes are not paid for my insurance companies and do not control patient care – therefore these codes are optional for doctors to use.

Category III codes are temporary codes used for emerging technology, services and...
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