A Study of Teachers and Students Readiness of the Use of Mobile Technology in Teaching and Learning

Topics: Education, Scientific method, Educational psychology Pages: 10 (2414 words) Published: June 19, 2011




A STUDY OF TEACHERS AND STUDENTS READINESS OF THE USE OF MOBILE TECHNOLOGY IN TEACHING AND LEARNING Abstract After almost more than a decade since 1999 of providing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Brunei Government schools, innovations in mobile technologies are starting to be explored in educational settings, since nowadays it is become the current trend in other countries to provide mobile technologies such as laptops to schools. This is because of the rapid growth of mobile users and availability of online resources will push the educational institutions to adopt mobile teaching and learning solutions. Furthermore, nowadays mobile technologies are rapidly evolving to include local area wireless connections using Wi-Fi, Third Generation (3G) mobile communications, and related mobile computing devices such as laptops, smart phones, and various Personal Data Assistants (PDAs) handheld devices. As such, applying mobile technologies in teaching and learning represents an exciting new frontier in education and pedagogy. Countries such as Singapore and the United Kingdom use the Mobile Technologies to enhance teaching and learning and research outcomes reported in Attewell’s (2005) summary of the 2001 MLearn project, suggest that the use of mobile technologies in teaching and learning may have positive contributions in students’ ways of learning. Mobile Technologies can provide flexibility in student learning. Students can have access to educational materials through their mobile devices, which enable them to learn anytime and anywhere. In order to effectively use and adopt mobile technologies in our Brunei Government Education institutions, research need to be conducted in this area. The purpose of the study is to identify teachers’ and students’ attitudes and perceptions regarding the acceptance of using mobile technology such as laptops to support their teaching and learning in Brunei Government Primary and Secondary Schools. These data will provide valuable insight into assessing readiness of the teachers and students to support their teaching and learning. This study will be beneficial to Ministry of Education (MOE) in proposal to implement a project on mobile technology; we need a clear indication towards the effectiveness of the project to be implemented. Results of the study will also provided information to know the relationship between teachers’ and students’ attitudes and perceptions. We need to justify that the effectiveness of a student’s learning is much dependent on the quality of methods of teaching. Done by: Haslinah Susanti binti Haji Md Hassan Page 2

The Ministry of Education (MOE) through Department of Information and Communication Technology has implemented many ICT projects under e-Government Initiatives. The ICT projects include the provision of ICT peripherals, software and network infrastructure to all Brunei Government Primary and Secondary Schools. There are also some online resources or applications such as Digital Library and e-learning applications to support and enhance teaching and learning. In July 2007, as a next step for the development of ICT in Education, a joint project between Department of ICT and Department of Schools was implemented. The project is known as Mobile Teaching and Learning (MobiTel) for Primary and Secondary Schools. It was a project on the extension to fixed computer desktops used in the schools labs. Furthermore, with the implementation of SPN 21 (New National Education System), one area of essential skills that teachers need to emphasize on students is the ICT skills. So I believe that by providing mobile technology to students for their learning will help students to enhance their skills in ICT and more towards discovery learning and...
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