To What Extent Do You Agree That Using Mobile Smart Phone Is Beneficial to Tertiary Students’ Studies?

Topics: Mobile phone, Personal digital assistant, Education Pages: 3 (1048 words) Published: April 27, 2013
To what extent do you agree that using mobile smart phone is beneficial to tertiary students’ studies? In recent years, the functions of mobile phones have been developed. Today mobile phones not only allow voice communication and test messaging (SMS), but also possess certain ‘smart’ functions such as recording voice and video, surfing the web, playing music and taking photograph. These devices have made the world a smaller place and people can stay connected around the world. However, regarding the application of smart mobile phones on tertiary education, people are of different opinions, some professionals believe that tertiary undergraduates could benefit from using mobile smart phone in their learning while others argue that these phones would distract tertiary students from learning rather than helping them. This essay examines both the arguments for and against that using mobile smart phone is beneficial to tertiary students’ studies and draws a conclusion. A number of researchers advocate that mobile smart phone could support independent learning. Suleiman and Aamri (2011) and Kekwaletswe and Ngambi (2006, cited in Echeverría, 2011, p.352) believe that students could make use of their mobile smart phones to have a more self-directed mode of learning instead of just sitting in the classroom and passively receiving the information given by the lecturer. Students could utilize their lightweight, portable mobile smart phones to search relevant materials for their courses anytime and anywhere. For example, students could access the e-libraries to obtain information from e-journals and e-books or download apps which are useful for their learning from app platforms. According to Williams and Pence’s literature review (2011, cited in Yu, 2011, p.834), students could gain chemical information such as scientific research articles and data tables about elements and compounds by using The American Chemical Society smart phone app.

However, the effectiveness of...
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