Cellphones in School

Topics: Mobile phone, Education, Text messaging Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Cell phones could be used as a useful tool in many circumstances. As great as a tool they are, some may say they detract students from their learning opportunities, but that’s not always the correct answer. In public schools there has been a debate on whether the use of cell phones in school does detract or doesn’t detract from students’ educations. At the high school, Brookfield East, the new electronic device policy doesn’t detract from learning because it permits for personal responsibility, allows for relief in between blocks, and students are less likely to use their phone in class.

The new electronic device policy doesn’t detract from learning because it permits for personal responsibility. No matter what the policy will be at the school, it’s always going to come back to the students’ personal responsibility. If students needs to text their parents or call somebody for an urgent reason, this new policy gives them the freedom during passing periods to do so. This way kids will be able to pull out there phones after class instead of detracting from their learning by using their phone during lessons. “According to Walsh, Schools should reevaluate their outlook on cell phones. They easily could be used as a powerful tool for mutual learning, he says, their use by phone conferencing and study groups could be learned in school and could contribute to their futures.”(3) Paraphrased from article, “Schools Mute Cellphones.” Walsh brings on a point that cell phones shouldn’t always be looked at like a tool used to cheat, but rather a tool that can help studnets’ study habits and ways of learning.

During long, hour and a half class periods most students are craving to just check their phone for new text messages or missed calls. Block scheduling is hard enough to sit through, so Brookfield East administrators granted students the access of the use of their phone during our 8 minute passing periods and during lunch. This ruling gives great relief to students...
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