Cellphones in the Classroom

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Education Pages: 2 (721 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Jasmyn Clark
April 20th 2013
English 110
Illustration Essay
A Text or The Lesson?
As technology progresses, cell phones are becoming a useful yet harmful tool in todays society where education is concerned. Students who use their cell phones in the classroom have found themselves distracted, not focused on the tasks at hand, missing important notes., and attempting to cheat. In most high schools, students are not allowed to use cell phones at school for any reason. Whereas in college, at the beginning of the semester most teachers outline the requirements of the class and whether or not cell phone use is acceptable. Cell phones not only distract the students but in most cases it distracts the teacher, interrupting the learning process.

Teaching is a difficult job and now with the distraction of cell phones it is becoming even harder to keep the students’ attention. For instance, if a student receives a text message in class they will usually respond and within minutes they will get a response, setting off a never-ending cycle of distraction. The student is distracted, and then the teacher sees the student and has to stop the lesson in order to tell the student to stay off of their device. So now the student, teacher, and other students become distracted, taking away valuable teaching time. The whole class becomes off task. Many teachers have taken harsh measurements to stop the use of cellphones in classrooms such as: putting students out, giving them a failing grade on assignments, or even keeping the phone until the end of the day. Text messaging is not the only distraction cell phones bring, as now with social networks such as Twitter and Instagram students deem it necessary to be in tune with their friends latest status’ and picture updates. With these distractions, it is impossible for a student to pay attention if they are constantly worried about their cell phone notifications.

From my personal experience, using a cell phone in class is not...
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